Strange Dragon – 87

Chapter 87 – Introduction to Victor

Victor was the leader of the expedition team.
And once the base was created, he acted like the village chief.
And so it was probably best to introduce Ije to him first.

As we walked towards the infirmary, Hippolius seemed to be in high spirits.
Hippolius wagged its tail and licked my face.

“There, there. You sure are adorable.”

While big and strong, Hippolius was still a baby hippo. Well, baby dragon.
And so it was good to spoil Hippolius sometimes.

When we arrived at the infirmary, I said to Ije,

“Our leader is resting inside this infirmary. Let’s go and introduce you.”
“Aye. Recently, many of them ate poison berries and became sick.”
“…Poor thing.”
“But the medicine was effective, and they have mostly recovered.”

As we entered the infirmary, Kelly was the first person to rush towards us.

“Who is this? Where did it come from?”
“This is our new friend, Ije.”
“Ije, name. …Nice to meet you.”
“You are called Ije? I am Kelly. It’s a pleasure.”

Kelly said as she shook hands with Ije.
After that, she would ask, ‘Can I touch your ears’ and try to do so.
And so I pulled Ije away from Kelly.

“Kelly. Calm down. We have to see Victor first.”
“Ah, that is right. I’m sorry.”
“Besides, you are going to scare Ije.”
“So-sorry. Yes, I shall be careful then.”

Kelly had not changed at all.
Regardless, we continued on our way to Victor.
By then, everyone had noticed us, thanks to all the noise that Kelly made.

Aside from Victor, there were other Adventurers who were being treated, as well as the healer.

“While you’ve probably heard it already, this is Ije”
“Ije. You are very welcome here. I am Victor.”

And so I introduced them to Victor.
When that was finished, I then explained about Ije’s situation.

How Ije’s tribe had been destroyed by the false demon bear, and how Ije was taken captive.
And that Ije had cared for the wolf cubs.

“I see. How terrible that must have been.”
“Such hardships…”
“Thank you for taking care of the cubs.”
“Aye, we are happy to have you. Thank you for joining us.”
“Thank you for allowing Ije to join.”

And so Ije was accepted by Victor and the others.
I was relieved.

I then told them about the farming tools, seeds, and spices that Ije gave to us.
That made everyone happy.

After that report was finished, I asked Victor about the next issue.

“By the way, Victor. About Ije’s room…”
“Yes, there are no empty rooms.”

Currently, there were five buildings for the Adventurers to live in, and then Hippolius’s house.
Each of the buildings for the Adventurers had four rooms.
In other words, they could house twenty people.

The expedition team included Victor, fifteen B-Rank Adventurers, three scholars, and me. That was twenty exactly.

“But I live in Hippolius’s house.”

So my room was not being used.
And so Ije should be able to live in it.
In fact, it was because I knew there was space in that building, that I had been able to invite Ije.

“I was thinking that Ije could use the room that I’m not using…”
“Indeed. Or Ije could live with you in Hippolius’s house?”

Victor probably thought Ije should stay close with the wolf cubs.

However, Kelly had other ideas.
“I think Ije better stay with me!”

“Your room is not for two people, Kelly.”
“I don’t mind.”

Even if Kelly didn’t mind, Ije probably would.

“…What do you think, Ije?”
“Hmmm. Don’t know. What is the difference?”

Indeed, Ije did not know what the difference would be.

“Then we will show Ije the rooms before any decisions are made. Is that alright? Victor.”
“Yes. That is fine.”

Just then, Kelly said,

“By the way, Ije. Can I ask you something?”
“Ije…are you a boy or girl?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Ije.
Ije looked like a dog that walked on two legs. Which was very different from how the rest of us looked.
And so we humans of the old continent had trouble recognizing Ije’s gender.
That being said, it had seemed like a rude thing to ask.

So everyone held their breath and waited.

Even Hippolius seemed interested, judging by the wagging tail.

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