My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 441

We started to explain to Mr. Haines

“Huh? Well, most of the children seemed to enjoy playing with Leo. The parents were all happy to see it as well.”
“So it wasn’t just the children, but the adults also accepted Leo?”
“Yes. Leo and Mr. Takumi saved the village. Of course, we owe a lot to you as well, Your Grace. But they saw through the wine and fought the orcs. No one would reject them.”

Answered Mr. Haines.
Indeed, I had seen Leo playing with the children as their parents watched.

“I see… In that case, it is quite simple. I have a request to make. Aside from making the wine again, we want Mr. Takumi to grow his herbs in Range village. Of course, that means Mr. Takumi and Leo will go to Range village for some time. Well, they will live there.”
“Herbs… Is that why you need the fields?”
“Mmm. And Mr. Takumi will be accompanied by some hired workers, who he will manage. But since Leo will not be involved with that, she can play with the children in the village.”
“I see… And you are fine with this, Mr. Takumi?”
“I do not mind. Leo would be happy to be able to play with the children every day. Besides, I won’t be able to play with her when I am working in the fields.”

Mr. Ekenhart’s proposition was very simple.
In other words, when the adults were too busy to mind the children, Leo would babysit for them.
The children could play happily and not feel lonely.
The adults could focus on the wine, and I could make herbs.

I understood Mr. Haines’s concern, but I nodded with a smile.

“Of course, I also intend to send a few people to work in Range village. I am sure there will be times when you do not have enough people. Thankfully, there are those in Ractos who are looking for work.”

He meant people aside from the ones that I was hiring.
According to Nick, Ractos was overflowing with people, and many had trouble finding work.
That resulted in many living in the slums… So perhaps Mr. Ekenhart wanted to do something about that.
As long as they were paid properly, it would have a good influence on the areas surrounding the town and village.

“We would be glad to have people come to the village… But are you certain?”
“Well, it will not be a great many people, so it will be fine. And we shall be careful when selecting them. I suppose you are worried if they will fit in, or if they might cause some problems?”
“Yes… After all, we’ve just been through quite a lot. And so people are cautious right now. Of course, we do trust Leo and Mr. Takumi. But others…”

I could understand why Mr. Haines didn’t quite trust outsiders.
They had been fooled into helping the spread of the disease, and that had nearly resulted in the village’s ruin.

“As for that, you can rest assured. I will not tell you to trust everyone immediately, but… My house will be fully responsible. Besides…I doubt there will be any trouble with Mr. Takumi and Leo there. And even if something does happen, it should be easy enough to deal with.”
“That is true…”

Perhaps Mr. Ekehnart had a little too much trust in my ability… But I would try my best.
Leo would be able to sniff out anyone who tried anything strange.
Besides, I suppose Ms. Claire would be sent as well.
It wasn’t actually decided yet, but if she was going to run the business with me, should would probably visit us during the day.

Of course, we would also have some guards and butlers. So it would be easier to deal with anything that could happen.

“So what do you say? It will allow you to make wine without worrying about the children.”
“Yes, that is true. But…”
“Hmm? Is there still a problem?”
“No, uh… Range village has a number of empty houses. So we would welcome new people… But.”
“Hmm? Me?”

Mr. Ekenhart had expected Mr. Haines to agree, but he continued to look conflicted. It was as if he did not know how to explain it.

Did it have something to do with me?
I tilted my head and asked him.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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