My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 476

We arrived at the riverside campsite

How bad could the food be when she is cooking it by herself…?
Did she just put anything in it, or mistake salt for sugar? Something like that?
Or maybe she just liked to make everything too spicy…
It honestly intrigued me, but I suppose it would be better to avoid tasting it.

“I don’t know why it happens… But in any case, I will do my best to help Ms. Lyra.”
“Yes…that is probably for the best.”

The maid looked like she herself was puzzled, which was very odd.
Regardless, they would be cooking for a lot of people now, and they had to make something that everyone could eat.
While Mr. Ekenhart might find it amusing, Leo and Sebastian would probably be angry.

“I can see the river!”

Phillip, who was in the lead, alerted the rest of us.
While I had been concentrating on talking, I could indeed hear the sounds of running water.
And when I looked up ahead, I saw that the trees cleared out up ahead, and the area seemed to be filled with sunlight.

By the river, where the grass was shorter, we all put down our baggage.
It was all placed in one area, where one of the butlers could keep an eye on them.

“Hmm. This is a good spot. The sounds of the water are comforting.”
“Indeed… Leo seems to be having fun.”

Mr. Ekenhart took in the scene around us while listening to the flowing river.
The air tasted delicious, and the running water was calming. It was a great place to relax.
In Japan, this would be the perfect way to get away from the busy city and enjoy nature… Like a popular campsite.
Unfortunately, there were orcs here, so it wasn’t safe.

I answered Mr. Ekenhart while turned to the river and narrowing my eyes.
Leo had already jumped into the water, and was swimming around happily. Sherry looked like she was drowning though.
Sherry… Do you need help?
I was about to rush towards her, but then Leo noticed and pulled her out of the water.

While she was panting, she seemed to be fine now.
So, Sherry couldn’t swim.

“Oh, Liza seems to want to go in the river?”
“Indeed. …Is she able to swim?”

Liza had chased after Leo and gone to the edge of the river.
She was dipping her toes in and then pulling out as if she wasn’t sure about what to do.

“I don’t know… Wait? Didn’t she say, Mr. Takumi, that she had never seen clean water before?”
“Now that you mention it, she did say something like that…”

Yes…she said that while we were making our way back to the mansion.
Liza had generally drunk mud and rain water. And so she was surprised by the clean water that Leo created with magic.
I was sure that Mr. Reyndorf gave her decently clean water, but after he died, she became a target, and that was the only way to quench her thirst.
It was amazing that she did not become sick.

In any case, as someone who had not seen such clear water before, seeing a river like this must be quite the shock.
The only reason she was probably trying to enter it, was because of curiosity, and the fact that Leo seemed to be having a lot of fun swimming in it.

“While she should be fine with good Leo there…it is a little dangerous…”
“Yes. I should go then.”

And so I left Mr. Ekenhart and headed towards Liza.

“Your Grace, we are going to start pitching the tents now. You remember that the condition for coming here, was that everyone helps, regardless of rank?”
“…That’s true… And with Mr. Takumi gone…”

I thought I heard Sebastian call to Mr. Ekenhart after I left, but I paid them no mind and continued on my way to where Liza was.
Mr. Ekenhart, please do your best…

“Liza. Are you alright?”
“Papa! Yes, I’m fine… But I’ve never seen so much water before…”
“Indeed. It’s a lot more water than in the baths in the mansion…and less hot.”

Liza smiled when she heard me, but quickly turned back to the river, and her expression darkened.
So, seeing this much water really did fill her with both surprise and fear.
Well, it was probably a good thing. Or else she might have just jumped into the river without hesitation.
She would certainly not be able to swim… And while Leo would save her if she started to drown, it would be best if she was not put in any such danger.

After all, it might end up being a traumatic experience.
I would not want her to hate baths like Leo did.

“Well, large bodies of water can be dangerous. After all, you cannot breathe underwater.”
“Hm… I guess…”

And so I did my best to explain to her the dangers of water.
Of course, I didn’t go too far, as I didn’t want her to be scared either.
It was during times like these that I would be happy for Sebastian’s help… Unfortunately, he was busy with the tents.

My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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