Flower Field Demon King – 26


Qudels explained this in a calm voice. Moral felt rage well up within her.

“Damn you! You really thought this out, you dirty old man! Pervert! Ah…no… Stop it! It’s making me feel strange!!”

“Isn’t it because it’s what you want? After all, it is made by Darten’s power of the mirror. It is following your greed and doing what you wish. Please don’t blame it on other people.”

Qudels said coldly as he looked down at Moral.


While Darten looked like a muscle brain, his real attribute was earth. And a feature of that was the mirror, which was the embodiment of the sun.

After Qudels had inspected him, he realized that he not only unleashed light, but he could temporarily use an enemy’s abilities or reflect them. His power would increase the stronger the enemy was… This was a god of war with a fairly tricky way of protecting people.

However, Darten could not copy or reflect power that he did not understand, and so his lack of knowledge was dragging him down.


“Now, let’s return you to the heavens. Even I cannot control a rank-one god that has gone rogue.”

“No! NOOO! Don’t do that! They’ll seal me again if I return now!!”

Considering what she liked to do, that seemed like a reasonable enough reaction.

If let free, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from sucking everyone dry.


However, someone grabbed Qudels’ hand just as he was preparing the magic to send her back.

He turned around to see Darten looking very thoughtful.


“Uh, brother. About that… Can’t we both stay and be worshipped here?”

“Why? I don’t see any merit in splitting the village between two faiths. Besides, I don’t think you can stop her when she gets out of hand.”

Qudels was puzzled at this sudden suggestion.

It would clearly be better for Darten if she was not here.


“You know, I wasn’t able to come down here for so long too… And, I just hated it, you know? I know I’m asking too much from you, but can’t you do something?”

Darten’s large shoulders slumped as he looked at Qudels pleadingly.

He looked like an abandoned puppy. Qudels couldn’t help but chuckle.


“A god is asking someone who isn’t for a favor? Damn it…don’t you understand your position?”

“Uhhh… Wow, I’m so lame.”

Darten looked even more gloomy. Qudels sighed.


“Very well. We shall put that matter on hold for now. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high.”


Darten’s face brightened up. But he was quickly interrupted.


“How-how dare you!!”

Who could it be?

They turned around to see Moral, who was still bound up.

She had struggled so much that her already revealing outfit was now no longer fit for a family audience.

And it was in such a state that she howled.


“Why am I being pitied by someone lower than me! You’re talking nonsense!!”

Ah, yes.

That thing called pride.

Qudels couldn’t help but clap.


“So, you wish to return to the heavens?”

“Ha! Just you try it! One day, I will escape again and have my revenge! When that day comes, I will leave only sadness and despair and take every other emotion from you…”

Qudels inspected her face in order to see if she meant it. Moral thrashed around in an attempt to hit him.

Just then, one of the tentacles smacked Qudels in the face and his glasses went flying.



Suddenly, Moral’s face grew soft and she stopped moving.

Her cheeks looked a little red.


“I’m terribly sorry, but won’t you please admit your defeat? Or else, stricter measures will have to be enforced.”

Qudels said sternly. However, Moral was now just staring dumbly at his face and nodding.

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