Flower Field Demon King – 26

Chapter 26


–Ahh, I can’t stand it anymore.

Just the thought of those two battling with their appetites inside of the building was more than she could bear.


And now that her thirst had reached its limits, a most convenient fantasy seemed to whisper into her ear like a demon.

–Perhaps that man is only incredibly skilled with controlling plants. He may not have much in terms of attack ability after all?

Yes, it must be so.

In that case, the only one she needed to be wary of was the young rank-two god.


She didn’t need to rely on these useless villagers. She could just sneak up behind him and attack.

She could get rid of those pesky vines by removing the water so that they would shrivel up.


Such seductions penetrated her heart.

It was too simple…she couldn’t help wondering about that as well. But if she were the kind of person who allowed logic to interfere with her hunger, then she never would have destroyed a kingdom in the first place.


And so Moral licked her lips with a near drunken expression. Then she quietly moved away from the villagers and went to the back of the building.

There, without chanting, she used water magic to freeze the planks on the walls. And then she used acid to silently carve away at it.

Once the walls grew thin, the vines came popping out. But Moral calmly flicked her wrist.

And then, her magic caused the vines to dry up in an instant. And they fell lifelessly to the ground and broke.


Now, there was nothing left to protect that boy and the old man.

How would the greed of such strong people taste like?


“Hehehe. Good evening. Since you two shut yourselves up for so long, I thought I would pay you a visit.”

Her voice was dreamlike but also as ravenous as a lioness. She pushed through the dried vined and stepped foot into the bright, garden of flowers.

However, the residents were not sitting around idly.


“You! To come and antagonize me so directly! Who do you think you are!!”

Darten gathered magic into his fist and prepared to strike her.

“Oh, let’s not do that.”

As if she had read his movements, Moral dodged his fist with all the grace of a dancer. And then she took a step to the side.


“Damn it!!”

Darten saw what Moral was pointing her foot at, and he raised his voice.

She was targetting Qudels, who stood behind him.


Yes. Even she did not think she could beat Darten with fists.

In other words, she had been targetting Qudels from the beginning.

Under that calm, and quite average face, lay such thick emotion that she was nearly choked by it.


“Hehe. Oh, what glorious feelings lie beyond those glasses of yours? Won’t you tell me?”

Moral said as she grabbed Qudels and pressed against his thick chest.

And then she took off his glasses.


Her scream was like silk being torn apart.


What was there…no, not there?

There were no eyes or brows. Just plain skin spread over his face.

Not only that, but his face then split in half, and numerous tentacles were unleashed.


“Ah! Noooo! Help me!!”

The green tentacles wrapped around her. Moral screamed and begged for help.

However, her trusty villagers were busy partying and drinking.

In fact, Qudels had put up a sound-proof barrier, and so they could not hear her.

She screamed and screamed. But even the gods in heaven took no notice.


“Tsk. What are these things! Hey, don’t touch that! Ah! How dare you!!”

She used magic to try and tear the tentacles away, but the tentacles merely absorbed her magic.

However, the tentacles did not hurt… If anything, they moved gently, as if their purpose was to make her feel good.


“That’s amazing. It’s just as you said, brother.”

Darten muttered as he watched with folded arms.

And then a middle-aged man popped out from a bed of vines.


“Yes, it was much easier than I was expecting. Very good. But since she was someone who is faithful to her greed, I knew she wouldn’t be able to stop herself. And she would try and attack us from the back. I also knew that she would ignore you and try and attack me first.”


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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    • And it’s a hentai monster to boot. Sure it doesn’t kill, but it’s licking and writhing its way around her and absorbing her magical essence.

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