Jack of all Trades – 311


I pulled out my greatsword from the hollow bag and pointed it at the monster. And then I sent dark blue magic energy into it, causing the blade to turn into water and extend out and break through the wall. The monster had been about to smash against it, but instead, it was pierced by the water blade. It let out a shrill scream.

“See, it can be hurt. We just need to continue until it’s dead. We can win!”

The Jades looked up at me as I shouted. Perhaps they had heard that I struggled against the Queen’s Knight Goblin. And yet, here I was, doing damage to this great monster.

“Look at how many of us were in the Imperial Sword Tournament. This is no trial that we cannot overcome.”

Adlus continued. Daniela chuckled at this. That seemed to calm them a little.

“It’s coming again!”

Manager shouted. And we all tensed up again. But they were all determined now. I was sure that they would live up to our expectations.

There was now a big gap in the wall made by the water blade. The monster was curled back, with its back arched. It was probably going to spring back and ram its head into the tower.

“…Prepare ready for impact!”

Adlus stabbed his sword into the ground and crouched. I did the same and put my arm around his shoulder. That would help keep us stable. Adlus noticed this and put his arm on me as well.

A few seconds passed, and the charging monster’s head rammed heavily into the tower. There was a thunderous boom and the ground and building shook.



I could hear people screaming, but it was so faint. The sounds of the tower shaking were much too loud. I gritted my teeth and quickly pulled my hood over my head to protect it from the dust and debris that was falling from the ceiling.

It hadn’t even been ten seconds, but it seemed like it had lasted for much longer. When it ended, everything became dead silent. I used Eyes of the God Wolf to check on the monster. Apparently, it had been ramming its head on the third floor. It now had its head inside. It appeared to have stopped now.

Well, this was our chance. We could not let it go to waste.

“Now! Run!!”

I shouted. The Jades quickly got to their feet and dashed out. Thankfully, the shaking had not scared them so much that they couldn’t move. They ran straight, down the steps and out through the exit on the first floor. While it would be intimidating to be so close to the monster, once they were past it, they were free to run through the abandoned city.

We retreated as well. Once the tower was empty, we could hear the sound of it creaking as cracks began to appear. They grew larger, and more sand and dust filled the air. Soon rocks started to fall.

“It’ll all come down soon.”

I nodded at Adlus’s words. It would probably fall as soon as it pulled its head out. However, if we feared that and ran from the scene, we would lose our best chance.

“Attack its legs!”

First, it was mobility. This thing was faster than it looked. And that was likely affected by the number of legs it had.

We couldn’t do anything unless we could keep it in one place. Its movement would allow it to escape the water blade. It might even chase after the other Adventurers. And so we targeted the legs. Pin them down or slice them off. Everyone would use their own methods.


I shouted as I swung my blade. As they were so thick, I wasn’t able to cut the leg off in one hit. However, a giant tear appeared in its flesh. As blood sprayed from the wound, I hit again and again. Finally, the rest of the leg gave way, and I succeeded in removing it entirely.

“The muscles are just like a goblin! It’s not too hard!”

I shouted and pulled back for another swing. But then the monster went wild. Still, there seemed to be a bit of a lag when it came to feeling pain. For a second, I had wondered if it didn’t feel any at all.

“Fall back!”

Adlus shouted as he unleashed his water magic. We all immediately backed away. Some people tripped, but quickly got up and escaped.

The monster was screeching as it thrashed around and its legs stomped the ground. It was like an earthquake. However, its head remained firmly inside of the tower. Was it stuck?

While this seemed like a perfect opportunity, it was moving too much, and we could not get any closer.

“Leave it to me! Haa!”

Adlus used his favorite little trick, auto guard, in order to protect the Adventurers. This magic had been a pain in the ass for me, but it was a huge comfort for us now. It meant we could fight without worrying.

And I was starting to feel very hopeful. If its head really was stuck up there, maybe I could attack the head and…

“It’s worth trying…!”

I held the greatsword on my shoulder and then activated Legs of the God Wolf.


“This is my chance! I’m going to kill it.”

“No. It is too dangerous!”

Daniela tried to stop me, but I felt that killing it here would surely be the way to minimize casualties.

And so I ignored her protest and shot up to the roof. Then I imbued the sword with dark blue energy, turning the blade to water, as I approached the monster’s head.

“Eat this! Kamiyashiro… Huh!?”

Just as I raised the blade into the air, the cluster of eyes moved in my direction.

In an instant, its centipede-like body came shooting towards me from behind. I had been about to unleash ‘Swiftest Wind Flash’ onto its head but quickly changed its course to the body instead.


I twisted awkwardly as the water blade shot forward and cut diagonally into the body. The surface of the monster fell away easily to the water blade, and blood gushed out like a fountain. The monster wailed madly.


It sounded like the screams of many people were layered into one. It made your skin crawl and your ears shake. Perhaps it had taken so much damage now, that it was reacting faster to attacks than earlier. It thrashed wildly. Eventually, its head was freed from the tower. We had cut nearly half of its legs off at that point, but somehow, it was even crazier and more dangerous than before.


I landed near the others, as they moved away from the monster. My greatsword dragged on the ground as I ran.

“I would have had it if the attack landed. I was so close.”

“How very disappointing…”

It was the perfect opportunity, and I had messed up. It hurt. It was a lack of experience. With so many eyes, I should have expected it to be able to see me coming. Especially since I was also someone who had the ability to use other ‘eyes.’

“Still, you did deal a lot of damage. If you can attack it like that again, you may be able to kill it.”


“You can be sorry later. Right now, we have to kill that thing. Isn’t that right?”

Adlus said. I nodded. Yes… Right. Killing that thing would be one way to make up for my mistake!

“Alright, I’ll do it! We’ll all do it together!”

“That’s the spirit!”

Daniela and the other Adventurers raised their voices in answer. My grip tightened around my sword. Regardless of the result, it was still damaged. We could kill it. As long as we could regain the advantage.

It had to be done. I wasn’t about to die down here to such a monster. It was time we taught it to fear humans.

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