Jack of all Trades – 311

What Shakes The Tower


As expected, the monsters were distressed when the High Red Goblin was killed. And we had an easier job of taking down the High Goblins after that. Though, that was only true for the third floor. The others were still fighting on the lower floors.

“Alright, let’s go and help them.”

I turned my ice swords into mist and then turned to Adlus and Daniela. They really hadn’t been wasting any time. As I had been struggling against the High Red, they had cleaned up the room… I needed more experience against large groups of enemies as well.

“The number of High Goblins beneath us should be quite low. It will probably end very soon.”

“Yes, the Jades were quite excited to finally get some action. It may be better not to interfere.”

Daniela and Adlus suggested, but I didn’t think this was time to let our guards down. And in any case, the other Jades who scattered around the city would probably be gathering near the tower by now. So we had to go down and meet them.

“Well, we should return anyway.”

“Indeed… Hm?!”

“What is it? Daniela?”

“Presence Detection! Something incredible…!”

At this, I frantically spread the range of Presence Detection. And then I detected something ridiculously large within the abandoned city. It wasn’t something that was just hiding up until now. It had appeared out of nowhere. Besides, I had infiltrated this place before, and there hadn’t been any monster like this.

“…This is bad. It is heading towards us.”

“But why…? Is there a reason for it to head to the center of the city?”

“I do not know. But we must escape. We will all die if this tower collapses!”

They moved quickly. Adlus and Daniela dashed down the steps to inform the other Adventurers and order them to escape. As for me, I used Eyes of the God Wolf to get a better idea of what the thing was.

“…Woah… What the hell…!”

I couldn’t help but mutter, but there was no one to hear me.

The thing that I was able to see now. It was an unbelievable monster.

Its color was a pale green, much like a goblin. However, its physique was completely different. To put it simply, it was a giant centipede. Its bulging muscles were connected like beads, and from each mass, were thick arms…no, legs. And the head of this rediculous body was a fleshy mass with multiple eyes and mouths.

This monstrous creature was thrashing about, causing buildings to fall, as it made its way towards the tower.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it!”

I needed to get out of here. That wasn’t an enemy we could fight.

Frantically, I switched the eyes off and slid down the stairs with Legs of the God Wolf. They were already retreating on the second floor, and I saw Daniela’s back, just as I reached it. And so I turned Legs of the God Wolf off so I could run next to her as we went down the stairs.

“Daniela, we’re dead.”

“Not me.”

“That’s not what…well, maybe. That’s not the point!”

“Asagi. Stop panicking. It is in these moments that you must remain calm.”

How could I be calm! I held back the urge to shout this and took in a deep breath. Of course, that made things worse, since we were dashing down some steps.

“A monster I’ve never seen before is headed towards this tower. It’s huge.”

“Is it really a monster?”

“I think so. Well, I’m not an expert.”

If anything, it might be better to call it some kind of ancient, living weapon.

“Well, if it is alive, then it can be killed.”

“I didn’t think there were people in this world who actually say such things.”

I could not understand where her confidence was coming from. I had been so overwhelmed by its sheer size. However, once I started to calm down a little, it seemed less impossible. Indeed. If it was alive, then it could be killed. Of course, that didn’t mean we were fit for the job…

“It is now visible from the tower. It might actually be more dangerous to leave.”

“But Daniela, it can’t possibly be safer in here. There’s no way that it won’t collapse. We’ll be crushed.”

“Well, perhaps we can wait in a spot that will allow us to escape right as that happens.”

Hmm. Maybe… There was a monster outside. The tower collapsing might give us cover to escape.

That’s when it happened. A scream rose from the stairs up ahead. I paused and used Eyes of the God Wolf to see what was happening. Some of the Jades were looking out of a window and pointing with looks of horror. They must be looking at the monster. Its appearance had been worthy of such a reaction…

“Damn it. Fear is contagious.”

Daniela was quick to see the danger in this development.

“I better go and make them calm down.”

“Aye. You go on ahead.”

I would have to and tell Adlus. Though, I’m sure he would understand without me saying anything.

“Be careful.”


I activated Legs of the God Wolf and jumped over the heads of the Adventurers and landed on the second floor. People looked up to see what was happening, but I ignored them and continued to slide down.

Adlus was shaking the shoulders of one of the Jades. He was quick to see what was happening…


“We saw it. But was it?”

“As if I’d know. The point is that it’ll be dangerous outside as well.”

“I intend to wait for it to stop after hitting the tower. That’s when we’ll let the Jades escape. As for the rest of us, we stay here and fight it.”

“Of course.”

The frightened Jades watched this conversation with disbelief.

“Yo-you can’t seriously mean to fight that thing… There is no way you can kill it!”

“If it’s alive, then it can die. We just need to take it from…”

“That thing is bigger than a wyvern! It’s impossible! Ah, it’s no use. Even if we run now, it will be too late!”

The monster was surprisingly fast, and it was only a matter of time before it reached us. The Adventurers saw this and fell to their knees.

“We’ll beat it. Just you watch.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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