Makai Hongi – 5


It was because of the mana that coursed through your body. The amount of it determined how strong someone was.


“Hey, mutt. Move it. A dog should roll up on the ground.”


Upon hearing this, the wolfman turned his sharp eyes towards me. He was clearly angry.

If I was going to fight one of them, it would be best to target the strongest one.


It would be very inefficient to start at the bottom and work your way up.


“Are you talking to me? Child.”

The wolf commander faced me as he spoke with a powerful voice.


“I guess the old really are hard of hearing. Move over, before I start laughing.”


“Why would you start laughing?”

“I find great humor in the idea of a dog sitting on top of a chair. Now, away, you mongrel!”


I kicked the back of the chair, causing the wolf to fly forwards and land on top of the table.


“I had meant to be merciful towards you, as you don’t even have half as much mana as me. But I won’t forgive you now.”


“Dog. You are on top of the table. Your place is here.”

I pointed at the ground.


“You’ll regret this, you brat!”

Huh? He was getting really serious. Had I provoked him too much?


I had tried my best to not be underestimated, but it seems like I still didn’t understand what the perfect balance was.

Well, surely someone would intervene now… Someone would come in and stop it, right?


“Don’t do it, Lobos. You have the center on the frontlines. It would be a great inconvenience if you had to leave.”

Ah, there it is. This Corps Commander had great timing.


“Commander Nehyor. This brat doesn’t even have half as much mana as I do. There is no way that I would lose to him.”


“Indeed. He…Golan, has less mana than anyone present.”

Really? I had less mana than even the goblins?


For some reason, I always had trouble being able to tell exactly how much mana people had stored within them.

I could get an idea. It was easy to see that the wise wolf had the most.


“Then why did you stop me? This arrogant brat is not fit for your army, Commander Nehyor.”


“Well, Lobos. You say that you wouldn’t lose. But he is a commander like the rest of you.”

“I suppose he is, since he waddled all the way here.”


“How do you think he became a Commander?”

“Of course, it must be because Guden died in battle. And so you had to promote him.”


“Hmmm. I just met him for the first time now. It was Gekokujyo.”



The wise wolf’s eyes widened.

He must have been very surprised. His neck snapped towards me in an instant.


Was it really so shocking? His jaw was wide open.

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