Tensei Kenja – 102


‘It’s heavy but quick!’


So the slimes noticed the difference as well.


“It’s not breaking.”


“It seems like it’s barely holding together. ….Barely.”


Master Gaiger said as he looked at the slimes.

I couldn’t tell–but to him, it was barely holding up now.


“But my slimes are in their normal state. They haven’t been buffed at all. And it could still break?”


“Monsters are as strong as their Tamers. …So, you don’t usually fight in this state?”


“No. I use strengthening magic first.”


“Do it.”


And so I cast the usual strengthening spells on the slimes.

However, the armor did not break.


“It seems to be fine.”


The slimes were moving around and yet the armor held together.

And like before, the slime seemed to be moving faster.


–Master Gaiger looked at this and said,


“Ahh. It’s no use. It won’t be able to bear it.”


…It didn’t look like it was about to break at all.

And the slime was moving around cheerfully.


What was he seeing?

As I thought about this—the armor that the slime was wearing suddenly cracked.






“There’s nothing to apologize for. If I wanted, I could have taken it off before it happened. …If anything, I’m quite happy to be put to the test after so much time.”


Master Gaiger said as he petted the Proud Wolf.

It seemed like he had agreed to make armor for my monsters.

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  1. Um, I still want a picture of an armored slime. I guess next chapters will (probably) explain the whole pet armor stuff, because I’m still wondering how this one broke. Is it about the magic power of the monster? Perhaps something like that.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • I’m imagining a system I saw only once before, which was basically that all items have durability points, and they also all (well, almost all) have a rate at which they regain durability on their own. However, how much durability gets consumed varies based on what it’s used for and who’s using it. So, a sword swung by someone with 10 str would lose less durability than one swung by someone with 100. And a sword used to block something would lose more durability, since it wasn’t intended to be used that way. That means that the guy with 10 str might be able to use it indefinitely, if its regen rate was suited for such a person, while it would break quickly being swung by the guy with 100 str. That system was used to cap who could get benefits from a given piece of equipment, so that you couldn’t rely on the equipment with huge bonuses (that you got as a hidden quest reward or something) obtained at a low level for the entire game. A shitty P2W tactic, but it worked… well, until it became a real world without the cash shop, and with players getting skills that the devs didn’t put in.

      So, I’m thinking that, if that’s the system used here, the slimes have too much of some stat, and the equipment just lost durability faster than it could regenerate it.

      And no, I don’t remember what novel that was. Not even what language it was originally in. I do remember it got dropped by the author, or the author went MIA, at least, and so I wouldn’t recommend it if I knew its name. There were, like, 20 chapters total, and they didn’t even finish the first arc. Great worldbuilding, cliche but still good concept, however… it never had the chance to go anywhere with that.

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