Tensei Kenja – 103


“Aye, very strong. And they have a nasty temper. Whenever a strong party dies while hunting Lesser Fire Dragons, it’s usually because some Blue Lesser Fire Dragon appeared.”


That’s horrifying…

I could attack it from far away and then escape if it looks too dangerous.


Or I could also just use Hellfire of Death from a distance and burn it to death.

…But I wasn’t sure if the gemstones would survive that.


I thought about this as I continued to question the owner.


“By the way, since they are called Lesser Fire Dragons…does that mean there are normal Fire Dragons?”


The word lesser seemed to suggest inferior.

…So maybe there was a real Fire Dragon that was much stronger.

And so I asked…


“There are, but I’ve never heard of a Fire Dragon’s gemstone being used for armor. After all, no one has ever killed one.”


…Fire Dragons must be very strong then…

I suppose I would have to give up killing one and go for these Blue Lesser Fire Dragons instead.


And with that decision made, I left the store.


“I’m going to go and look for these dragons then.”


“Aye. I’ll wait here with no expectations! …But if you do kill any normal Lesser Fire Dragons, bring their gemstones back! I’ll pay you a better price than the guild will!”


So he would also buy gemstones from Lesser Fire Dragons.

In that case, I might have to overhunt.

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    • Maybe “After all, no one has ever been killed” works too. Wait, not that good, unless the dragons are immortal.
      Than “After all, no one has ever killed one” but it would reuse that “one”

      …so this: “After all, nobody has ever killed one” ~ feels just right.

  1. Yes, just go look for lesser dragons, I’m sure the MC curse won’t make you meet some of those higher ranked dragons. I guess time is up for the dragon species in that world.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Wow, the fact that the dwarf wasn’t surprised and even expected him to be able to kill the dragons on his own really is a surprising thing. I guess the dwarf really does know how to judge a person’s power

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