Tensei Kenja – 110


I see.

It was as dangerous as you might expect from a quest near water.


However, strictly speaking, I wasn’t solo.

I had slimes.


While I didn’t know if my magic would work in the water, I felt like there were other ways to fight.

Of course, fire magic and bullets would be useless. But Area Freeze seemed like it might work. And as a last resort, I could just evaporate the entire river with Hellfire of Death.

If it would help me get to D-Rank, it was worth a try.


“All right. I’ll accept this one.”


“…You understand that it’s dangerous?”


“I’ll complete it while staying as far away from the water as possible.”


I said as I had her complete the procedure.


But…it was already dark today.

It would be a disaster if I lost my footing out there. So I would do it tomorrow.

Thankfully, I had 3 days to complete it.



A little while after.

I left the guild and went to Gaiger’s armor shop for monsters.

This was so I could give him the gemstones from the Blue Lesser Fire Dragon.


“Are you still open?”


I called from outside.

In this world, a lot of places closed in the evening.


“Oh. You’re that F-Ranker from before!”


I heard a voice, and then Master Gaiger came out from the back.

He did not sound particularly hopeful as he asked me,


“So, did you get the Blue Lesser Fire Dragon gemstones?”


“Yeah. …Here it is. Can you use it?”


I said as I offered it to him.

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  1. Since the old man is a dwarf he might not get that impressed, more like instant switch into production mode. So, maybe 5-10 chapters later the slime armor will be introduced.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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