Tensei Kenja – 114


Beginner quests, huh…

I did remember seeing that there were quests that had restrictions in terms of your rank.


So I wouldn’t be able to accept quests like that anymore… Well, there wasn’t much point in stealing quests that had been prepared for lower-ranking Adventurers.

While I wasn’t sure I wanted to tackle the high-ranking ones, surely I would be able to complete D-Rank quests just fine.


“That’s fine. Raise it to D.”


“Good. Then here is your new guild card!”


She said as she pulled out the new guild card from her desk.

Up until now, the guild cards had been made of something like tin, but this one was made of copper.

By the way…


“You can receive your new guild card so soon after ranking up?”


“Well, in your case, we had discussed it with the other guilds. And they assured me that you would indeed complete the quest, and that we should make the card in advance. …It turned out that they were right.”


So rumors were spreading about me.

I didn’t know which worker at which guild it was… But I was at least thankful to have been able to receive the card so early.


…But now that I think about it, there was something that had been bothering me.


“What were you writing on that red paper?”


“Red paper?”


“When I made the report about the Maneater Bass. You wrote on a red sheet of paper.”


“Oh, you mean the emergency survey slip. …Yes, we are supposed to send those in when monsters have been acting strangely.”


I see.

So it was strange that the Maneater Bass were not near the surface.


“But is some fish being a little shy really a matter of emergency?”


“Yes. …Well, usually it’s 1 out of 10 cases where it turns out to be serious.”


…1 out of 10.

It seemed low, but it was actually quite high.


“If it needs to be investigated, I could help as long it’s part of a quest. I am a B-Rank Scout, after all.”


As for abnormal activity from monsters, it reminded me of the Blue Moon of Salvation and the incident with the magic stones.

It might be easier to deal with it if I joined the investigation team…


“No, we have professionals to deal with it. I think we will leave it to them. …But a request may be put out. It would depend on several factors.”


So they had professionals.

Well, I guess there was no point in tagging along then.

If it turned out that they would launch a large scale attack, then they would probably put out a request.


“Okay. …I really hope that it’s nothing.”


I said before leaving the guild.

…From today on, I was a D-Rank Adventurer.

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  1. Personally, I would’ve checked to make sure the thing you fried wasn’t, like, a maneater bass king or dragoneater bass or a variant like that. If it’s not acting like the normal ones, it’s probably not one. If it quacks like a duck, it’s probably not a chicken.

  2. “Okay. …I really hope that it’s nothing.” -> this looks like a flag, smells like a flag, feels like a flag, and reads “FLAG” so Yuji messed up there.
    Thanks again for the chapter! God bless you!

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