Tensei Kenja – 125


I said again and gave him a knowing look.

And then…he seemed to have gotten the hint.


“All right. We’ll just say that it is.”


“…So, you agree to keep it confidential?”


“Of course. …Besides, no one would believe me even if I did talk about it. …Don’t worry. You’ve brought me an amazing item. I will make you the best armor with it.”


He said and then paused for a moment.

After some thought, he opened his mouth again.


“…Still, if the Fire Dragon is dead, that means the rumor was a lie.”




“There is a rumor that the guild used ‘Rainmaking Magic’ to kill the Fire Dragon.”


The guild did it…?

Well, there was nothing to even suggest that it was the case.

But then again, maybe there was a reason that people believed it.


“Is that rumor based on anything?”


“A sorcerer acquaintance of mine found traces of a rainmaking magic device near the volcanic mountain. It was apparently the same kind used by the guild. Of course, I’m not a specialist in such things.”


Traces of a magic device…


There really had been something unnatural about that rain.

If it turned out to be artificial, then it wouldn’t be too surprising.


Of course, it was definitely a lie that ‘it was caused in order to kill the Fire Dragon.’

After all, the guild was well aware that rain wouldn’t be enough to kill it.


However, I couldn’t say they hadn’t used Rainmaking Magic either.

The problem was, why would they do that…


Something about all of this…was highly suspicious.

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  1. “‘I’ sorcerer acquaintance of mine found traces of a rainmaking magic device near the volcanic mountain.”

    ‘I’ -> ‘A’

  2. Highly suspicious? Obviously it is suspicious given the guild didn’t have a reason for creating rain that can outweigh the risk of the fire dragon. My guess it’s the work of Blue Moon of Salvation.

  3. I might be wrong, but I think the guild is at least partially under the control of the blue moon group. When Yuji found himself on that list of adventurers to watch for, he hadn’t been active for that long, even if quite impressive achievements. The information leaked very fast, so they have some way of getting private info from the guild. Kinda like facebook 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  4. Quite a dangerous rumor.. if they circulated that rain making magic can kill fire dragon, some people might try it in the future..

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