Tensei Kenja – 15


Plant gathering. It was known to be safe.

And as it was for I-rank, it seemed like a good idea for my first quest.


“I would like to accept this quest.”


I said as I took the request over to the desk. Then she looked at me with surprise.


“What?! Mister Yuji, didn’t you just finish taking the test today!?”


“I did… But, you don’t think this is suited for my first quest then?”


It was the lowest ranking quest, so it could not be very hard.

However, it seemed that that was not why she was concerned.


“No, the quest itself is highly recommended…but, you just stayed up all night, didn’t you?”


Oh. That’s what she meant.

But I was used to pulling all-nighters.

And this wasn’t like at work, so I wasn’t even tired.


“I stayed up all night, but I’m fine. I’m used to it.”


“You’re used to staying up at night… You B-rank Scouts are amazing…”


No, it wasn’t because I was a B-rank Scout. It was because I was a corporate slave.


“I understand. So you wish to accept this quest. This is how the herbs look like, but there are others that look similar, so be careful!”


She said as she pointed to an illustration on the paper.

I had never seen any grass in that shape before…


‘I know those leaves!’


‘They don’t taste good!’


But it seemed that the slimes knew about them.

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  1. One correction: “As for you rank, it rises” -> {As for your rank, it rises}

    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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