Tensei Kenja – 153


“The Black Dragon of Destruction was defeated by the Emissary within the myth. But before it appears, there will be 7 great changes in the world… But we only know about a few of those changes.”


Huh, he said all of that without any hesitation.

I was thankful…but it was strange.

Well, there was nothing to do but listen for now.


“Which changes do you know of?”


“…We currently know of 2. The first is the ‘Black Monster.’ As the name implies, a black monster will appear. …The other is the ‘Blue Moon.’ The moon is going to turn blue in the sky.”


“So… They haven’t quite happened yet.”


…A blue moon. That made me think about the Blue Moon of Salvation.

However, the actual moon hadn’t turned blue yet. And this powerful black monster hadn’t appeared either.

So for now… We didn’t have to worry about the dragon.


That meant that I should focus on the ‘Universal Purification Device.’

I didn’t know if the church would know anything about it. But it was worth asking.


“There is one more thing I want to ask you… Have you heard of the ‘Universal Purification Device’?”


“Yes. That is the device that the ancient church used to defeat the evil dragon… Well, that is what the myth says.”


…That was an interesting way to put it.

It was as if he was saying the myth was wrong.


“Yes. It is true that the Universal Purification device was used to fight the dragon. However…things differ after that.”


“…After that?”


“According to the popular myth, the evil dragon is defeated by the device. …However, I believe that the truth is… Is that the device is completely useless against dragons.”


I see.

The Blue Dragon of Delight had been very powerful.

I didn’t know how strong the mythical dragon was…but you would need an incredible device to deal some actual damage to it.


“So, how did they do it then?”


“What the Universal Purification Device actually did, was kill half of the population with its shock waves. And most of the people that did survive were killed by the dragon. …And that is when the Emissary appeared and finally slew the dragon.”


I see.

So the Universal Purification Device had done nothing but make things worse for them.

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  1. Might be the conspirationist part of me, but maybe killing lots of people has some special effect, like weakening those calamities, or forcing whatever god is there to act. Too much drama, need some cute slime activity.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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