Tensei Kenja – 154

It Was a New Town


Still, half of the world’s population? That was insane…

The members of the Blue Moon of Salvation had talked about using the Universal Purification Device to destroy the continent…

But now, I was starting to think that the destruction of just one continent sounded rather mild.

Well, it was all a myth anyway. Who knew if it was true?


“So, uh. Who is this ‘Emissary’?”


“The person who will save the world… We don’t know any details yet. Some say that the Emissary will be born like anyone else. Others say it will require a summoning ceremony. And there are others who say the Emissary will appear out of nowhere.”


…I see.

In other words, you could say that they knew nothing at all.


There hadn’t been any ‘Emissary’ when the Blue Dragon of Delight was defeated. It seemed like a good idea to not rely on this mythical person.

Regardless, I would just hope that no dragon appeared that only an ‘Emissary’ could defeat.


“So, I just have to stop this Universal Purification Machine then… Do you know where it is?”


“…I have not heard any news about its location. However…I believe you may find a hint if you go to a place called Maneia.”




“Yes. I have never been there myself…but that is what God told me.”


God, huh…


I didn’t even believe in whatever God they worshipped in this world… So, was it really a good idea to trust everything the priest said?

But up until now, everything that he claimed to have heard from God had been correct.


“Alright. Thank you.”


“I’m happy to have been useful to you.”



…A short while after.

I had come to the guild in order to learn a little about this place called Maneia.


The guild had a very large map that would show me the location.

…Or so I had thought…


“It’s not on here.”


There was no place on the guild’s map that was called ‘Maneia.’

It was highly unusual for a town to not be on a map.


…I would have to ask the receptionist about it.

The same lady who had talked to me about the Cockatrice was there.


“Can I ask you about something?”


“You have a question? What is it?”


“Can you tell me the location of a town called Maneia? I tried looking at the map, but I couldn’t find it…”


“Uhhh…Maneia? Let me have a look.”


She said as she began to flip through the pages of a thick book.

…After some time, she spoke.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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