Tensei Kenja – 168



A few hours later.


‘Sorry…it seems like they got dragged in after all…’


The dragon muttered as its claws moved away the rubble in order to find the slimes that had been buried.

It seemed like it had finished its rampage for now.


‘We’re finally out!’


‘It was so tight!’


The slimes shouted as they hopped on top of the boulders.

At first, they had been able to come out by themselves every time they were covered…but they would keep getting buried again no matter how many times they got out. And so the slimes had just given up and stayed buried.

While they were perfectly safe down there…it was apparently not very comfortable.


‘I’m sorry. It may not be much, but I will help them escape as part of my apology.’


‘Okay, thank you.’


Due to the dragon’s attacks, the layout of the tunnels had changed greatly.

It was hard to even tell where the original tunnels were.


But… There was still a great big hole that led to the open sky.

It would be easy to reunite with the slimes if the dragon carried them.

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  1. Lolz, they gave up and stayed buried. So, Yuji really needs to check his skills, because I’m sure he’s got some summoning techniques, for his familiars. I wonder if that black dragon will join them, or just go on a nice guerrilla terror strategy against the blue moon idiots.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • Inb4 the dragon becomes his familiar under the condition that he’s only summoned like that when he’s needed, and then almost instantly he has to summon him to prove what he’s saying, and yet FSR he’s still not ranked up (in the combat ranking, not scout rank) despite, y’know, him being strong enough to tame a dragon, and despite the fact that he can summon a dragon to boost his combat strength to well above the average B rank party’s strength. If an earth dragon (which, IIRC, is a weakened subspecies of actual dragons like the drakes are) is an A (or was it B?) rank threat, a full on real dragon has got to be enough to take out a B ranked party with ease. Especially since it can make sneak attacks due to the nature of being able to be summoned at will by a B rank scout, who’s got to be able to sneak up on a B rank party unnoticed, no?

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