Tensei Kenja – 60


But the dragon was currently about 500 meters away.

If it was a normal fireball, then it was no threat to me.


–However, the thing from the dragon’s mouth wasn’t a fireball.

It exploded the moment that it made contact with the ground. And in spite of being 500 meters away, I was engulfed in flames.

A moment later, the sound of the explosion reached us and I could feel the barriers shattering.




‘The barriers!’


…A few seconds later, the winds died down.

With that single hit, 2 of my 5 Anti-physical Barriers had been destroyed.


We were still at a good distance from it. But had I been right under it, it would have probably destroyed them all.

I would have to do something to avoid that.


First, I brought up new barriers to replace the broken ones and then rushed towards the dragon at full speed.

In order to lessen the number of attacks I would take, it was best to make the fight as short as possible.



‘Yuji. The dragon is going to move!’




One of the slimes who had been monitoring the dragon reported. Then I grabbed a slime from my shoulder.


‘Here goes!’




I waited for the dragon to start its fireball attack again. And then I threw the slime forward.



‘Magic Transfer—Magic Transfer Barrier!’


Through the slimes, I activated ‘Magic Transfer Barrier.’

If I could use ‘Magic Transfer Barrier’ on myself, then I would be able to make all magic attacks bounce off of me, unfortunately, it would not work.


Either the nature of magic transfer didn’t allow it, or the barrier couldn’t follow our movement.

And so I transferred the magic to the slime as a temporary shield.


It was brute force—but it worked.

The Magic Transfer Barrier was able to withstand the attack, and I stood behind it, not a single one of my barriers were broken.


And that’s when it became clear to me.

This dragon was paying no attention to me or the slimes.

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