Two Saints – 101


“Then everyone else should change.”


“Up until now, I hadn’t really gone to Highland, because it seemed kind of unpleasant. But maybe that was my mistake. We should always go wherever we want regardless of borders. Well, at least us birdfolk.”

“Your mistake…”

“I am saying that they thought I was giving Midland preferential treatment. I had no such intention. The chief just wanted to be near the Saintesses, and we had just gone to visit Edwy. The message was just something we took on the way.”

That was clearly your main job. Chiharu was exasperated but also in danger of being convinced. She felt a wave of fatigue fall over her.

“I don’t care anymore. I just want you to listen properly next time.”

“I know.”

Chiharu knew that he didn’t, but she was too tired to go on. She wanted to rest. However, as things had moved so fast, they didn’t have any tents. Thankfully, the weather was nice, and it was summer. So she could sleep on the grass.

However, Chiharu and Maki had worked hard, and there was a reward waiting for them.

“Maki. Chiharu. Come.”

Zynis said in a gentle voice. He was lying on the ground, and now he turned over onto his back. He was saying that they could sleep on top of him.


“Of course.”

And so they waddled over to where Zynis was.

“Hey, father. Two is too much. One of them should sleep with me.”

Said Ortha. Maki and Chiharu looked at each other. I prefer Rasche’s color. Chiharu, since you’re smaller, you go to Ortha. Fine. Then you go with Zynis, Maki. Okay. They agreed.

Then they heard the flutter of wings.  

“Maki. Chiharu.”

It was Sauro. His wings were gently crossed in front of him.

“Why don’t you sleep while wrapped around my wings. These are the best feathers. Baby birds love them.”

Feathers! Sleeping while wrapped up in beautiful white feathers! Chiharu nearly started to walk towards Sauro, but Maki stopped her.

“But Maki-chan. Feathers…”

“Control yourself, Chiharu. The owner of said feathers is Sauro.”

That shook her out of it. That’s right, they may be feathers. But they were attached to Sauro! It was ridiculous.

“Maki. You just had to interfere.”

Maki glanced towards Sauro and chuckled. While she had left the scolding to Chiharu, she was also annoyed at the free birdfolk. And so it was what he deserved.

And so Maki leaned on Zynis’s stomach and Chiharu lay on Ortha’s. And on the grass, they fell into a deep sleep before they had any time to enjoy the feeling of the fur. In any case, they had accomplished the mission that the merfolk had asked them to do. It was the end of a very long day.

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