Two Saints – 50


Considering that they were the same height, the boy should have been strong enough to escape. However, he was quite intimidated by Maki at this point and seemed to have no intention of resisting.


“Hey, what are you… Danam?”

“Tsk. They found us. Hey, move out of our way unless you want him to get hurt!”


They were spotted after all. Maki’s threatening voice had alerted the servants of the house.


“Hey, you!”

“Your pervert master had us locked up! Now take us to the door!”


The servants shrunk back. They knew what they were talking about.


“But, he is near the door…”

“Do you care about what happens to him!?”


Maki shouted. Chiharu used her knife to look menacing as they watched.




And so they were led to the door.


“Where is it?”

“O-over there.”


Alright, they would rush through it now! Everyone would think that the boy had been threatened. There were plenty of witnesses.


They both looked at each other and began to dash forward. Their plan to act as villains was a success.


“But, what if we threaten them and run, but still get caught?”


Maki heard Chiharu’s idea and asked her about the possibility of failure.


“If that happens, then we’ll use our marks.”


Chiharu said as she pointed at her forehead.


“The mark of the Saintess.”


They both fell silent.


“That won’t look cool.”

“I do want to avoid it.”



Chiharu didn’t reply to that.


“Let’s go somewhere where there are a lot of people, so we don’t get caught. And then we can shout, ‘is there anyone from Midland here?’ and attract attention.”

“Alright. But I don’t know if I can look evil.”

“We have to try.”


And so they did. Maki turned out to be quite good at playing the part when it came to it.

It was just as they were making a run for it that Grudo saw them. However, they could not change their plan.


“We’re going where there is a large crowd!”


They shouted at Grudo.


“Wait! It’s dangerous out there! Maki! Chiharu!”


He shouted at them, but they did not hear him. They ignored the shocked servants as they continued to run.


However, there were hardly any people around. It was no wonder. The mayor had ordered everyone to stay inside.

The only place that seemed crowded…


“Chiharu, up on the hill! Let’s go there!”



The two of them headed for the field where there were fires and groups of Adventurers. Right in front of the dungeon.

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  1. makes me wonder if the monsters were swarming because they wanted to be near the Saintesses like all the other races? Not necessarily to hurt the Saintesses, but to bask in their presence, so to speak? I wonder if these monsters’ intentions were just misinterpreted?

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