Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 32


We’re hired!


“We got hired!”

“Good for you!”



They reported it to the gatekeeper. Something about how their hands slightly ached over doing something that they hadn’t done in a while made them very happy. And like that, they returned to Edmond’s mansion.


That night.


“Prince Kaider, are you leaving tonight as well?”

“I am.”

“By the way, I heard that the cook hired some helpers.”

“I see.”

“They were human children. Quite rare.”

“Human children!”


Kaider jumped on the gatekeeper who was talking to him. It was not impossible that they would come to him.


“What did they look like? Uh, they were brothers who looked poor and had light brown hair. Ah, they were also quite cheerful.”

“They didn’t have blonde hair?”

“It was brown.”

“Was one an arrogant kid?”

“They were very pleasant.”

“Was there a girl who always looked down?”

“Both were boys.”


So it wasn’t them. If Maki and Chiharu had heard this exchange, they would have been exasperated, annoyed and then laughed. They had no choice but to act like that because of Kaider. However, just as Kaider was about to leave the castle, someone came to stop him.


“Prince Kaider, you are supposed to dine with the Midland people tonight!”

“Tsk. Tell my brothers to do that.”

“But you are the representative of the dwarf team!”


And so Kaider and Nyran solemnly returned to the castle. Ah, Norfe, Chouze, I hope that you are doing well.


During that time, Maki and Chiharu were cheerfully enjoying their dinner.


“To think that you two were the Saintesses…”


Kreis seemed just a little disappointed. He was honored to be able to meet them. However, there was now no possibility of love.


Dwarves, beastkin, and elves all lived to be 300 years old. On the other hand, humans could barely live to be 100. Unlike the other races who stayed young for many years, humans aged rapidly. So while romance between them may occur, marriage between different races was not very common. Because it was too hard when one died.


And yet Maki and Chiharu had been appealing enough to make him ignore that. But Saintesses have never married before. But they at least wanted to enjoy this night.


“So Anne and Mary are…”

“I’m sorry. I’m Maki.”

“And I’m Chiharu.”

“Maki and Chihaaru.”




They smiled. It was nice to be called by your real name. They talked about fashion with Edmond’s kind and calm wife. Or talk about their travels with Kaider and Nyran.


“Now, Maki and Chiharu.”


When they were finished eating, Edmond smiled and said,


“You will be children again starting tomorrow. But today, you are grown-ups. Kreis.”


And then Kreis brought over a steel plate and some ham.


“Now this is the man’s job.”


He said as he began to slice the ham into thin sheets, which Kreis would cook on the steel plate. When it started to sizzle, Emma put the slices onto some bread.
“Now, try it.”


Both of them took a bite. The ham was hot and the juices and oil spread in their mouths as the bread softy enveloped it.


“Take a sip of this as well.”


It was the apple wine from last night. It washed away the slight oily taste from their mouths. Only the soft smell of apples remained in their mouths.


“It’s delicious!”

“It’s delicious!”


“This is actually a winter dish. People make it at home, so it’s not served in restaurants very often. I wanted you to have some. Now, eat some pickles too.”


They had already eaten a lot for dinner, but somehow, they could eat even more when wine was involved. Emma was just like a mother to them. Was Sera alright? They wondered.

And so Maki and Chiharu were able to once again experience the warmth of the dwarves during their last day in the capital.

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  1. Im really glad I stumbled upon this story! Its really interesting and I love almost all of the interactions with the characters and the world building.
    Though I wish it would have more of Maki’s thought, I feel like it focuses more of Chiharu when they add thoughts.I like Chiharu, but Maki’s type of character appeals to me waaaay more.
    But man, I binged this all in one go, so I’m a little sad. At least I can sleep now :’>
    Thanks so much for translating this and I look forward to more!

  2. Thank you for the chapter…
    I want to ask when they disguise as brother and sister which one is maki and which one is chiharu? Can someone tell me!!..

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