Realist Demon King – 28

The Sewer Rat and the Flint


I had made a wild, fat rat as my familiar.

I shall call her Mitsuki Mouse.

There was a possibility that someone would complain about this name, but it didn’t matter to me now.

After all, the meaning behind it was ‘a beautiful moon’, nothing else.

I gave her magic power and intelligence and sent her to the surface.


According to what the dwarves told me, Sharltar had made the town on the surface his headquarters.


It was there that he tortured the captive dwarves and turned their dead into zombies.

It was horrible to think of, but it was the truth none the less.


There was a large building. A building that would have likely been the house of a chief. And from within it, came the pained cries of a dwarf.


I peeked inside and witnessed such torture that I nearly vomited.


Man or woman, it made no difference to Sharltar. Even children were nothing but objects for his experiments with necromancy.


He would bring the evil spirits of devils to dwell within the dwarves, turning them into devils. He would use the cries and screams of pain that leaked from the tortured prisoners and create cursed jewels.


To be honest, it was difficult for me to watch.


I wished I could take his head off right there, but that would hardly be possible with Mitsuki.


I held back the urge and watched this man called Sharltar.

The man who I would kill very soon.

Knowing him better would ensure that I could prevent his escape.

I see his face from afar.

His face was full of cunning, just like I had expected.


His twisted lips and slanted eyes. The swarthy skin. He reminded me of a dark elf, but he was clearly human.


“That’s a surprise.”


I muttered, and then Eve asked,


“What is a surprise?”


“His actions seemed so devil-like. And yet he is human.”


“Demon Kings have many humans as their subordinates.”


“True. Even I have a few of them.”


Hijikata Toshizou and Jeanne d’Arc came to mind.

However, they were not people to act this cruelly.

Was Sharltar really human?

As for that, Eve gave me a clear answer.


“Humans…and this is true for all monsters, but humans will at times act like devils. It has nothing to do with race. It merely means that Sharltar is pure evil.”




I thought back on the past.

War was an unending cycle back in my world.

It was the same on that planet called Earth that I had researched.

Every time it was humans that fought each other. They were constantly killing.


The Three Kingdoms. Cao Cao. The massacre at XuZhou by the hero of a chaotic age.

The killings infidels by the Crusaders.

Oda Nobunaga’s religious purges after the reformation.


If you really thought about it, there were fewer years of actual peace.

And this world was full of chaos.

It was not surprising for it to give birth to such a cold-blooded person.


And perhaps it is my fate, as a formerly human Demon Lord, to kill these devilish humans.


With that in mind, I gave Eve an order.


“We will move earlier than planned. The tunnel has not been finished yet, but we can send the decoy troops to lure Sharltar here. I will adjust things so the tunnel will be finished when they reach the empty cave.”


“Is that really possible?”


realist demon king

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