Jack of all Trades – 193

To Rachel


It happened one day.


It was when Lehaty spent her bimonthly time of instability in the forest. But unfortunately, she encountered Adventurers this time.


Of course, the Adventurers did not understand the situation, and so they fled in fear. Lehaty ran as well, she had no intention of harming them. But this seemed to give them courage, and they soon showed a will to fight her.


Arrows flew at her back. Magic was unleashed. Still, Lehaty ran, and still they chased. But they were no match for the legs of a werewolf, and so Lehaty escaped with her life.


The Adventurers had never seen such a monster before. Rare materials. That is what she was to them.


However, it was an incident that reminded Lehaty of how horrible humans could be.


“After that happened, I gave up going to bathhouses and just stayed in the forest. After months passed, I started to be able to control the effects of my illness. And then I was able to return to the town and use the baths again.”


Shortly after, Lehaty returned to making money and visiting the inn.


Even now, she returned to the forest once a month. She had to live with this body.

But it seemed like things would be better for her on the island. She wouldn’t have to make money just to use the baths. I didn’t know how large the island was, but if it was an active volcanic island, it was probably decently large. Lehaty might be able to live there without being bothered by other humans.


I had told her that something might be done, but who knows if that was true. In any case, I just wanted to help the lonely girl.


  □   □   □   □


As I walked down the path in the forest, I sensed someone coming from the other side. It was a presence I was very familiar with. Daniela.


“Hahhhh…damn it…”

“What? You don’t seem too happy to see me?”

“I wish you would not leave while only leaving a scrap of paper like this.”


Daniela said as she waved the note.


-Will go to see the Loup-garou.-


“You could have at least written the location, you know?”

“Uh, sorry. I thought I did.”



Daniela sighed.


“So? Did you see it?”

“Yeah. It was a bit shocking too.”


And so I told Daniela about my meeting with Lehaty.


“I see. And so you want to use Rachel’s magic to take Lehaty to that island.”

“Yeah. Do you think we can?”

“That is up to Rachel.”


And so I took the key out of the bag and handed it to Daniela.


“I do not see why I have to do it.”

“Well, I don’t know. Just a hunch.”

“I do not understand.”


Still, she used the magic key to insert it into the empty space in front of her. And the space cracked open and an alley appeared.


“Let’s go then.”



And so we stepped foot into the alley and opened the window to the side.


“Rachel? Are you there?”

“Hm? Ahh, Asagi. What do you want?”

“Oh, she’s here. Lucky.”

“Do not treat me like I’m some lucky beast.”


Rachel said. She was sitting in the living room and eating a bowl of rice and egg. Daniela and I barged in while taking off our shoes. I was in awe of the magic every time. And there was something relaxing about the atmosphere here. Yes, like it was my own home.


“I have something to ask you.”

“Hmm. I can at least listen.”


And so I told her what I had just told Daniela.


Lehaty’s past and present. I told it to her in as much detail as possible and then told her what I wanted her to do.

While I talked, she put her chopsticks down and listened quietly. The fact that she was capable of taking things seriously was one of the reasons that I trusted her. Of course, her food was getting cold and dry at the same time.


“…Hmm. I understand the gist of it. And I do have a door leading to the island. I like baths as well, after all.”

“Really! So, can you do it?”

“Ah, why not? But there is a condition.”

“A condition…?”


The condition that Rachel had…what could it be? 


“What foolish things are going through your mind…”

“What? I’m always serious.”

“You don’t look serious. You look stupid.”

“I prefer the word ‘endearing.’”


Daniela sighed at this stupid exchange and said,


“So…what is the requirement?”

“Oh, yes, right.”


Rachel clapped her hands together and looked at me with a condescending grin.


“Asagi. You must become my thrall.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. Just do it already dumbsagi! She’s a wolf god that controls space and time, pretty sure she could extend his life so that he doesn’t end up leaving Daniella alone for hundreds of years.

  2. Should be okay to become rachel’s thrall so long as it’s a skill different from legs of the forest wolf.. it was asagi’s signature move and he was silvergreen because of it

  3. I don’t know if some of these people know the meaning in Thrall He would be Rachel’s Slave, servant, or captive. Beowulf’s skill is like a local mythological beast killable but not a pushover while Rachel’s skill would like she said push him towards a Demi or deity level of power. Plus she like Beowulf wouldn’t need his consent to pass on the skill she could force it. The whole interactions between Rachel and Asagi are “Oh you are japanese and are a thrall to a Beowulf? How about you become my thrall instead?” If it’s too good it probably is(but that’s just my opinion) Beowulf pushing it seem like he’s gifting while Rachel insisting on asking makes it seem more contract like so I would be scared that it would end with power but at the cost of your freedom

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