Realist Demon King – 139

The Arrival of Dagon’s Army

Demon King Dagon would launch an attack.
We already knew that this would happen. It was just a matter of when.
The more time passed, the stronger both sides would become.

Dagon’s main base was his island, and he was calling demons and pirates to him. As for the city of Berneze, they were hiring mercenaries.

Currently, Dagon’s fighting force was larger, and so he had the advantage.
If I were him, I would attack within the next three days.

I told the others of my views. And while no one doubted me, one of them did ask questions.

It was Marco Polo.

“The enemy is inside of a strong fortress. Will they really abandon it and attack us?”

“They will. It’s true that they cannot lose if they stay there, but they cannot win either. And as more time passes, Dagon will lose the advantage.”

“Why is that?”

“It’s because Berneze has superior financial power. And even the reformists being on his side will not change that.”

“I see. That’s true. The council has a lot of gold within the treasury.”

“And so if I were him, I would want to finish things before they hire even more mercenaries. This floating city may be rich, but its defenses are poor.”

“We’ve only thought about trade, after all. There may as well not be any defenses at all. Peace was ensured through prosperous coexistence with the surrounding territories.”

“And these neighbors will be sending you support, yes?”

“Aye. They should arrive within three days.”

“So it’s even more likely that the enemy will strike within three days. That’s what we should be expecting.”

And so I called out Fuma Kotaro.
I needed him to go to Dagon’s island and rescue Fianna.

“I think it’s possible, but it might take some time.”

“I understand that. Just bring her back safely.”


The ninja disappeared like the wind.
Then I looked towards Eve.
She looked unsatisfied.

“I have a bad feeling about this. You want me to stay here again, I suppose.”

“You’re wrong. In fact, I want you to be our tactician.”

She smiled at these words. It was very pretty.

“This time, with Eve as officer, Toshizou will be positioned in the right and Jeanne to the left.”

“That’s a wonderful decision, but what about Ryoma?”

Ryoma reacted as well.

“Indeed, indeed. I may be a merchant by trade, but I am more capable than that maid over there.”

“I know. And so I want you to attack the enemy reinforcements that are already close by.”

“I see. So I’ll be commanding the attack.”

“Yes. I’ll be sending messengers, so you will have to attack them from the side or the back when the time is ripe.”

“Understood. Leave it to me. I am good at outfoxing others.”

I told her that I had high expectations, and she set out immediately.
Marco Polo watched this and then thanked me.

“It’s been a while since I last saw her so full of life. She had been feeling down ever since her father left. But she has regained that old smile now.”

“That smile is something she has made from within. It wouldn’t have mattered if I was here or not.”

“That’s not true. Women change when they fall for a man.”

“Well, I’ll try not to be a disappointment.”

I muttered, and then turned to Eve.

“We leave tomorrow morning. In the meantime, have the mercenaries fed so that their spirits will be raised. They can have up to three cups of wine.”

Eve nodded and began the preparations.
When Toshizou heard that it was only three cups, he chose an especially strong drink.
Jeanne prayed in her room, which had been altered to look like a church.
Everyone spent the night in their own way, and then we departed the following morning.

Berneze’s mercenaries set out in the morning and at midday, set up their camp in a field south of the city.

It wasn’t a very long march, but it was right in front of the fortress that the reformists and Dagon’s army were occupying. If anything, it was miraculous that we marched this far without encountering the enemy.

Dagon’s army immediately left the fortress, and the battle began.

They had trebuchets prepared, and it was clear that their original plan had involved a siege of the city.

But we had prepared to fight them on the field, which gave us an advantage.

And so the machines were destroyed one after another, as well as the enemy technicians who tried to use them. But things changed quickly after that.

Dagon sent out his best soldiers from the back.
A corps made up of pirates, mercenaries, fishfolk, sea slimes, and giant monster birds.
They were strong, and had high morale. And like that, our mercenaries were pushed back.
Toshizou grumbled as he led the army to the right.

“Damn it. These Berneze guards and mercenaries are spineless. They don’t deserve to kiss the ground that the Ashtaroth army walks on.”

“Exactly! My subordinates would have trampled over these scum with ease!”

The Saint agreed.
I remonstrated them.

“Don’t think that every battle will include your ideal subordinates. A good general should be able to lead soldiers to victory, even if they are difficult to handle.”

“Well, we aren’t great generals. But you are, master.”

“Yes. Surely the fact that you can keep winning in spite of such an annoying Hero like Toshizou working for you is proof that you are overpowered!”

“Indeed. I doubt I would be able to win, if I had subordinates like myself.”

Toshizou played along with Jeanne.

Well, perhaps it wasn’t a joke, and he agreed. Jeanne also seemed to think of herself as a difficult Hero.

“Our Demon King is able to win in spite of having such difficult subordinates. In that case, I hope to see another miracle during this battle as well!”

In other words, I had to do something that would allow us to win with inferior soldiers.
Of course, I did have such a plan, and I told them so.

“The enemy has many soldiers from the sea. And they tend to have light armor. Send out your heavily armored mercenaries to the front and have them shred up the enemy.”

“Shred? But how?”

Asked Jeanne, and so I showed her.

I accepted a long sword from Eve and then jumped into the enemy formation and started cutting them down.

I stabbed the first in the thigh before he could swing his sword, and then parried the attack of the second before stabbing him. Then I cut off the third’s head. And without losing momentum in the swing, I sliced open the stomach of the first.

“The Demon King is also skilled with a sword!”

“Aye, he really is overpowered. He is first-rate not just with magic, but also the sword.”

“I might be first-rate, but you two are the elite who surpass even me. Now go out and save these weak soldiers.”

Upon hearing those words, Jeanne and Toshizou went out to the frontlines.

Jeanne’s holy sword was enough to alter the tide of battle, and Toshizou’s sharp blade roused the soldiers.

Through the bravery of the two Heroes, things became even again.
However, that was all that I was able to do.

After a while the deadlock broke, and Dagon with her superior numbers took the lead once again.
This was because his reinforcements had arrived from the sea.

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  1. “After a while the deadlock broke, and Dagon with her superior numbers took the lead once again.”
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