Realist Demon King – 141

Act Two

Robin Hood unleashed three arrows at once, each landing in a separate enemy soldier.
A pirate, a mercenary, and a merman. Each was shot in the vitals, robbing them of their combat ability.
The Berneze soldiers cried out in praise when they saw this.

“Sir Robin’s skill is equal to the ancient god of the bow.”

Apparently, this god had once shot a gray bear between the eyes from a kilometer away. Of course, even Robin could not do something like that, but I was confident that he was the most skilled bowman present.

(He’s been using a bow ever since he was a child, after all.)

Robin was a chivalrous thief from 12th century England. With one bow and his companions with the same spirit, Little John and Friar Tuck, they rebelled against the oppressive king.

While his birth was often considered to be a mystery, Robin was in fact the son of a nobleman, and he had been trained to ride and shoot at a young age.

One day, he had been taken to the mountains with his grandfather.

Young Robin was told by his grandfather, ‘do not move, do not even show your breath’ as he was pressed to the ground. And they spent three days and three nights in the mountains.

The whole time, he really did not move at all. Not even if bugs crawled on his face. And if he needed to relieve himself, it had to be done on the spot.

But there was a creature that they wanted to hunt badly enough to do this. That creature was a white doe. His grandfather said that if they hunted it, they would be able to make it through the winter, as they were but poor nobles.

Robin and his grandfather hid in the shadows for three days. And on the third night, they finally had their chance.

His grandfather moved just a little and signaled to Robin of its presence. And then both grandson and grandfather picked up their bows and unleashed their arrows at the same time.

His grandfather’s arrow went straight into the doe’s heart. Robin’s arrow landed right between its eyes.

Both were incredibly impressive. However, Robin was only seven at this time.
Clearly, Robin Hood’s skill was extraordinary from a young age.

Robin thought back on that time he was covered in his own excrement in order to hunt down the white doe. Compared to that discomfort, taking down Dagon’s soldiers was nothing. However, it was time for him to act.

If he didn’t kill the Demon King soon, then Dagon would start to get suspicious.
Demon King Ashta seemed to be thinking the same thing, as at that moment, he used the signal.

A ball of fire was spreading out in the sky like a firework. He was telling Robin that it was time to put the plan into action.

Robin let loose one last rain of arrows over Dagon’s soldiers, and then he returned to the main army.
Demon King Ashta was standing on a small hill.
He chose that spot so that Dagon would be able to see him.
Robin could also see Dagon from where he stood.

Demon King Dagon was a humanoid. He looked like the ancient gods, only he was huge. Apparently, he was worshipped as a god of the sea in other worlds. And in this one, he was also feared as someone who ruled the seas.

However, his personality was not that of a god. In fact, he was just a scoundrel, and had taken Robin’s lover as a hostage.
Robin stared at the giant-like Demon King from a distance.

(As soon as I get her back, I’d like to shoot an arrow into his eye.)

He wanted to kill him in the most brutal way possible. However, it was Dagon who currently had control over life and death.

And so Robin had no choice but to do as he was told.
Still, he had made his decision. He raised his bow and took aim at Ashta.
He was aiming to shoot at his heart.

According to Ashta, he would have something protecting his heart, and so he would not die when hit.

He would just pretend like he was killed. And once Dagon tried to take advantage of the ensuing chaos and attack, he would return and take Dagon by surprise.

In the meantime, a skilled ninja was supposed to save Robin’s lover. However, he was not sure if things would move so smoothly.

And so he could not help but hesitate.

(The Demon King is an upright man. However, he is also capable of using cowardly methods. So it is not impossible that he will use and then discard me.)

He wasn’t a cruel king, but that could also just mean that he would sacrifice Robin in order to save his own men.

But there were also other ways to view it.

(He was merciful enough to forgive me after one assasination attempt. And so surely he wouldn’t bother to trick me at this point.)

Such thoughts had entered Robin’s mind.
And while they tugged at his heart on both sides, he ultimately knew what to do.

The target moved from Ashta’s heart to his forehead. He had decided to shoot his head and kill Ashta instead.

There were a few reasons for this, but the main one was that he felt that in this battle, Dagon had a slight advantage. Fianna was more important to Robin than his own life. And so he had to place his bets where the odds were the best.

—He wanted to. However, there was someone who made him hesitate once again. Well, it was more of an animal.

The Carbuncle that he had left in Berneze was suddenly by his side now. It climbed up onto Robin’s shoulder and squeaked in his ear.

The sound, the expression, the smell. It reminded him of something.
The warm handshake with Ashta and the strong embrace.

Robin then changed his target back to the heart. He would stick to the original plan and only pretend to kill Ashta.

He was leaving the rest up to fate. However, his hand was steady. And it was with all the skill and power within him that he aimed at Ashta’s heart.

And while Robin was courageous, so was Ashta.

He was always commanding the frontlines with his chest exposed to the enemy. So much so, that it seemed like one of Dagon’s soldiers would pierce his heart before Robin did.

The moment that the bowstring was pulled all of the way, Robin recalled something he had heard about Ashta’s reputation. It was something one of his soldiers had said while letting out a sigh.

“The Demon King of strategy. It’s not just wisdom that he has, but great courage. He has his back to his comrades and his chest to his enemy. He feels more like a god of war than of strategy.”

When he had first heard this, he brushed it off as exaggeration. But he now realized that it was not the case. Perhaps it was even conservative.

Robin did not know of a king who was more courageous than Ashta.

Had Robin met a king like this in his past life, his life might have turned into something very different. It was with such thoughts that he unleashed the arrow.

It shot out at a high speed. Instead of flying in an arch, it shot straight like a beam of light until it landed in Ashta’s chest.

And then Ashta fell to the ground, as if he had really been pierced.
Robin raised his voice.

“I, Robin Hood, servant of Dagon, have slain Demon King Ashtaroth! Now is the time to annihilate the rest of the Berneze soldiers!”

Dagon must have been satisfied by this, as the sea giant also raised his voice.

“Without the Demon King, these Berneze soldiers are like eggs shells. Crush them into the dust!”

And with that, Dagon took three of his Moss Titans and moved to the front. By coming out here in person, he intended to destroy what was left of the Berneze army.

It was likely the right decision. It was clear that the Berneze side was confused once Ashta had gone down. They would easily collapse once the giants came in with their vicious attacks. Had Ashta been on the other side, he would have surely done the same.

Well, the tide of battle has changed. Robin declared loudly that he would now go over to Dagon’s side.

“I killed Demon King Ashtaroth just as I promised. Not have Fianna released.”

Dagon crushed one of the Berneze soldiers and then scowled.

“Ah, if it isn’t Robin Hood, the Hero from the other world. You did well.”

“I agree with you. Now give me back Fianna.”

“Of course, I shall keep my promise. However, I don’t know if you will be happy if I do that now.”

“I won’t be angry. I’d rather get it over with as soon as possible.”

“I see. I’ll have my subordinates bring her from the island then. However, you must not be angry…”

Dagon said and then raised an arm. Robin thought he was going to attack another of the Berneze soldiers, but it came swinging towards him instead.

Robin dodged the attack and shouted.

“Bastard. What are you doing?!”

“Clearly I’m trying to kill you now that I’m through with you. Besides, you’ll only become mad with fury when you learn the truth.”

“What do you mean!”

But it was Demon King Ashta who answered.
He stood up and pulled the arrow out of his chest and shouted.

“I was just contacted by Fuma Kotaro. …Unfortunately, this woman called Fianna is already dead.”

Robin grew pale as he heard this.


“She had died over a year ago. It was by her own hand, shortly after being captured.”

“Why! Why would she take her own life!”

“Nobody knows but her. But I can imagine why. She would not have wanted to be a burden to you. Perhaps she did not want to see you forced into servitude, and commiting murder against your principles.”

“…It can’t be. It can’t. If she was alive, I would have been able to free her.”

As he cried in agony, Dagon spat in the wound.

“She was a fool, and did not eat any of the food that was brought to her. And so she eventually died of malnutrition. Really, humans are so worthless!”

“You’re the one who is worthless!”

Robin shouted as tears ran down his face like blood.
Then he unleashed an arrow at the sea giant.

The arrow went into the giant’s palm instead of his eye. However, for a giant like Dagon, it was no different than the prick of a needle.

“You cannot kill me, Robin. While you are capable enough as an assassin, you are not strong enough to kill a Demon King. You were nothing but a useful tool.”

And with that, he struck again, like the lash of a whip. However, the attack was blocked by Demon King Astha.

He moved closer to Robin and cast ‘Barrier’ around him. And though his eyes were filled with rage. He wasn’t crying like Robin was, but the passion burned strongly in his heart.

Then he said,

“Dagon. If you are ever reincarnated, remember this. There was only one reason for your defeat, and that was hurting your own men.”

And this was worthy of a thousand deaths, declared Ashta as he drew magic energy into his hands. Around him, primitive magic creatures began to appear. They were all enveloped in flame.

The fire moved to both of Ashta’s arms, and he used it to create a large ball of fire.

There was magic called ‘Great Fireball,’ but Ashta’s was much stronger than usual. And it moved towards Dagon as if to swallow him up.

As Dagon was surrounded in it, he tried to put it out. However, the flames continued to burn like an unquenchable rage.

And like that, Dagon’s movement was sealed. But that wasn’t all. Gunfire sounded from the east, and then groups of mercenaries appeared. They were the reinforcements that the other cities had sent.

The one that was led by Ryoma came up behind Dagon’s army, and rapidly began sending them to their graves.

And like that, the second act of the battle between Dagon and Astha began.

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