Makai Hongi – 249

Chapter 249

“I thought of a good way to handle this.”
I grinned while moving towards Kyuka.

Kyuka thought that I was going to become her subordinate.
And so she just looked mildly puzzled as I got closer. She didn’t go into a battle stance.

“I’ve been meaning to finish this business with Nehyor as soon as possible.”
I laughed. And then I slowly walked around to Kyuka’s side.

“So you are going to fight Nehyor here?”

There was a war being waged on the other side of the mountain.
She clearly did not want any unnecessary trouble.

“Well…you can say that.”

I moved behind Kyuka, crouched, and grabbed her tail.
And then I held it tightly with both hands.

“You! What are you doing!?”

I charged both legs and arms with mana and then pulled.
Kyuka lost her balance entirely and stumbled forward.

And then I swung her by the tail.

“Would this move be called a Giant Swing? Or is it more like hammer throwing?”

I swung her in circles by the tail, and Kyuka’s body spun at a tremendous speed.

While this was likely to make her quite dizzy, it wouldn’t do any damage.

However, I had a reason for doing this.
“Secret technique, Kyuka Hit!”

I used Kyuka’s body as a weapon to attack Nehyor.
Yes, it was the same old technique. Perhaps I should make it my main one.


Even I couldn’t hit him three times, but the ambush was a success, and I was able to catch Nehyor twice as he stood there in shock.

I threw Kyuka into the air and laughed.

“Huhh… Golan. What are you trying to do?”
“I just thought I would let you know what’s happening here. Don’t think you will make it out of here alive!”

“I think that I’m the one who should be saying that? You are in enemy territory, you know?”


Kyuka had pulled herself off of the ground. There was no visible damage.
Well, it was expected. No Lesser Demon King would take damage from just that.

In other words, my motive for doing it was to make both Nehyor and Kyuka want to fight me.

“Hey, Golan. Do you really think that you can win after making an enemy of both of us?”

Nehyor provoked. Well, he clearly found all of this amusing.
He was looking forward to seeing what I would do next.

As for Kyuka, she was filled with rage.
I could sense it. She looked like she would attack at any moment now.

Yes, this was a Lesser Demon King who was just about to turn into a Demon King.
When Kyuka became angry, I could feel it in the air.

If I was being honest, I was having difficulty just standing.
This was because I had used up my mana in the battle with Barzas.

I could not fight any longer.

“Well, while this might be bending the rules a little, I might as well just do it now.”
I said with a grin. And then I called the other person who was inside.

—Are you ready?

When I evolved, me and him had a conversation.
And through it, I learned a little about ‘souls’ and ‘vessels.’

When I was still an Ogre, both of our souls were inside of the Orb of Control.
And so the small orb was being stretched to its limit.

On top of that, I had slowly been increasing the amount of mana every day.
Every time that he came out, my body protested in pain.

The other me had so much more mana.
And through evolution, our body, souls, mana…everything had been strengthened.

My appearance had changed, as did my race.

His mana level in particular was outrageous. And so even with this body, it would likely reach its limit very quickly.

Damn it. I wondered just how much it had increased.
And then I suddenly thought of something.

—Huh? Then what were the other powerful people doing?

Even with our mana combined, we did not reach the level of Demon Kings or Lesser Demon Kings.
Were they that special then?

I had wondered about this, and so asked Tralzard. And then…
‘Obviously, it’s because they control it themselves,’ she replied.

Control mana with mana.
Something like that.

And so I tried it.
Strengthen myself with mana and then let the mana flow into it.

Ah, that’s interesting.
I suddenly felt better. As if all the fatigue had just been my imagination.

As long as it could be controlled, there would be no problem if the other me came out.
I had practiced it in the tower when I had nothing better to do.

Yorba the Sand Armor helped me as well.
And there were times when the mana overflowed, and things became dangerous.

I’ll also add that the mana drain shield helped a lot.
Thanks, Dobroy. The shield you gave me is being used effectively.

Now that I knew how to control mana with mana, I could reduce the burden of changing into the other me…

“Alright, let’s do this.”

I slowly opened my eyes.

There were two people staring at me.
One of them was looking with wide eyes.

“Wh-why has his mana suddenly increased so much?”
Came the shocked voice.

“It appears to be Golan’s special ability. But I’ve never heard of a technique that allows you to increase your mana.”
Nehyor had seen it before, so he wasn’t surprised.

“Why are you so calm… This doesn’t make any- Ah!”

I enveloped my legs with mana and shot around Kyuka to her rear.

And then I grabbed her tail and swung with a single hand.


“The Kyuka Bludgeon!”
I hit Mouga with this move as he saw the danger his master was in and moved towards me.

It wasn’t just the other me. I could do it too.

As Mouga stumbled back, I switched my target to Nehyor.

This was very useful for those times when your weapons were confiscated.
I would have to use it more often.

“Kyuka Gale!”

“Kyuka Bombard!”

“Kyuka Exploding Annhiliation Slash!”

I named the moves randomly as I attacked the subordinates who came towards me one after another.

They must be quite satisfied to be hit by their own master.

“Golan. I see that you still like to fight in the most idiotic and dynamic way.”
“Oh, it looks like I missed one.”

I had forgotten.
In fact, this fight was started because I wanted to beat Nehyor to death.

“Take this. The Kyuka Final…”


Ah, it came off.

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  1. Thanka for the chapter!
    I like that there’s no direct indication of a change in prospective but you can still tell the other Golan has taken over. Really shows that they both think of themselves as ‘Golan’.

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