Shatei Kyokufuri – 111

Data.104 – Old Bowman, Viewing

It would take 30 hours to repair all of my equipment.
In other words, that was 10 hours for each item.
I thought it would take longer, as they had been cut in half, but it was actually shorter than last time.
I suppose it was because they were cut so cleanly in half, rather than the entire thing being burnt?
You just had to reconnect them?

…Obviously, it wouldn’t work like that in real life, but this was a game.
The sooner it finished, the sooner I would be able to challenge Charin again. So it was fine.

Ah, that’s right.
As I had already made a different request for the ‘Judgement’ items, I would have to wait until those were finished.
Since that was supposed to take a full day, it would take 2 days for everything to be complete.
In the meantime, I could continue adventuring with other equipment, or I could watch other players fight and think of strategies…

In any case, after separating from Necoco and dropping the equipment off at the workshop, I logged out.
It had been a long day…
I was exhausted, but there was still something that I needed to do.

I needed to watch the video that Necoco told me about.
Her aunt, the pro gamer… Macoco Strange.
The channel was MacocoTV.
It was a very straightforward name for a channel.

“Search, search…”

I quickly found the channel that I was looking for.
And since it was trending at the moment, the particular video appeared at the top.

NSO Charin Origin: Solo battle(Boomerang)

Read the simple title.
The thumbnail was just a random scene and there was no colorful font used to make understanding the content easier.
This kind of lack of attention to detail seemed unusual for a pro gamer who uploaded videos…
I suppose this person didn’t really care about getting a lot of views.
Someone who would rather spend their time playing games instead of editing…

It became clear as soon as I played the video.

There was no opening, it just started right away.
Unedited footage without subtitles.
The first thing I saw was a woman with long red hair.
She wore a red and black gothic style dress with armor on top. She looked both beautiful and powerful.

‘…In your case, you and your Unison are treated as 2 players, so I will use 6 weapons.’

Charin explained the additional rules.
So she explained it at this time to all players.
Macoco had a crow-type Unison with her, so the situation was similar to me.
In fact, Garbow was called a Ravengar, so even our Unisons were alike.
And so I felt a sense of familiarity.

“Um, can I make one request?”

‘Oh, a request? I do not go easy on players just because…’

“Could you use all of your weapons? All 13 of them.”

‘…Huh? What!?’

“I didn’t ask for those limitations to be put on you. And I hate that it feels like you’re holding back. Besides, it’s a waste that I can only experience half of all the weapons you have.”

‘Th-there were others who asked me to use fewer of them, but no one has asked me to use more-nyon… Ah, I’m so shocked that I said nyon…!’

“It won’t affect anyone but me, so surely it can be allowed? I’m not asking for any special reward if I beat you. I just want to fight you on a higher difficulty, that is all.”

‘We-well, that is true… No one has beaten me yet, and as long as I allow other players to experience all of my weapons as well, then it will be fair… Though, I doubt anyone else will make that request…’

“So it’s fine then! Thank you!”

Now that negotiations were finished, she returned to the explanation.
After hearing about being able to choose the spot to start the battle in, Macoco declared that she would start in the forest.
However, the forest was right in front of the stage that Charin stood on.
So it wasn’t about moving away from Charin. She just wanted to fight in the forest…?
Even during the countdown, she didn’t move a muscle. She just stood with her arms crossed and waited.

‘Battle start! Here I come! Collect Boots Pisces Ver.NSO!’

Charin’s first move was to use the boots in order to close the distance between them.
The forest Macoco was in was right in front of her.
She could reach it in a few steps…!

The first weapon that Charin chose was the dual blades she had used on me.
And then she attacked from the front, as if to test her opponent.
As for Macoco, she blocked it with the round shield that was equipped on her right arm.
While the shield was surrounded in a pale, glowing aura, it was rather thin, and yet it did not break.
It might be rarer than it appeared.

Furthermore, Macoco moved to counterattack with the weapon in her left hand.
It was a kukri knife, I think?

Actually, it was too curved for that.
It was something else…that’s right!
Necoco had told me what it was.
A boomerang!

She was using a boomerang as a melee weapon and trading blows with Charin with it…!
No, if anything, Macoco was pushing forward.
Her gaming sensibilities were not normal.
Was this what the ‘real deal’ looked like…?

Charin seemed to realize that close quarters combat would put her at a disadvantage, and she moved away.
And that was when Macoco threw the boomerang.
It was the circular one she had been using as a shield.

However, it seemed to miss, and went flying off far behind Charin.
This was the perfect chance, and Charin switched her weapons.
There was a gun in her right hand and in her left…there was a long cylinder that covered her hand up to the wrist.

‘Collect Pistol Scorpion Ver.NSO! Collect Cannon Aquarius Ver.NSO!’

Since she had 13 weapons, I expected her to have at least one ranged weapon, but not 2…
And there could still be more…

‘Unleashing 13 weapons just means I can deal with a wider range of situations! As someone who only has a boomerang, you’ll just be at a bigger disadvantage!’

“I don’t know about that? Boomerangs are multi-purpose weapons. They can do it all…and more.”

The boomerang that looked like it had missed suddenly changed course and shot towards Charin’s back.
As if it was being pulled by a magnet!
It was going to hit her…!

‘Come out, Virgo shield!’

A familiar shield appeared on Charin’s back.
So she could equip it like that as well…!

‘I know all about your magnet boomerang! You use it all of the time in PvP!’

“That’s why I used a different attack this time.”

The boomerang went right through Charin’s body.
It was a dummy! So there shouldn’t be any damage…
However, Charin was holding her stomach.

“I threw a dummy boomerang. It’s simply a skill that creates phantom boomerangs. And the one that hit your stomach is a clear boomerang. It’s invisible.”

I-I see…
As boomerangs returned, enemies always had to be aware of their trajectory.
So you could put pressure on an enemy by using dummies…

It wouldn’t work with arrows. Having fake arrows would just make an enemy feel lucky by getting hit and not taking any damage.
And by making her weapon invisible, she could cause even greater confusion.
The thing you can see is fake, while the thing you can’t see is real…
And the more time they had to think, the slower their movement would become.

However, invisible skills usually did less damage.
This strategy alone would not carve off enough of Charin’s HP.
It was then that Charin took out a new weapon… No, could it be!

‘I guess I have no choice but to use it against you… Collect Helm Capricorn Ver.NSO! Collect Robe Aries Ver.NSO!’

She even had armor…!?
A helmet with the curled horns of a ram and a large robe that enveloped her whole body.
The robe was also made of soft sheepskin. It would probably absorb any shock.
Had she used it during our fight, then I might have lost even faster.
Thinking this, I understood what Macoco meant about feeling like Charin was holding back if she didn’t use all of her weapons.

However, Macoco was now paying the price for that declaration.
With the added armor, Charin no longer had to care about small damage.
And boomerangs were not high power weapons.
If Charin attacked you with swords, axes, and cannons, she would probably beat you without taking any damage.

She hit skill with skill, and braved charge attacks with charge attacks…with rare decisiveness and reflexes.
And she had the physical ability to put it into action, but she was still being pushed back.
How was she supposed to win from here…?
But in spite of my concerns, Macoco still had the same facial expression.

“…Very good. Fighting an AI like you that surpasses humans really brings back old memories. I also understand that I have to go all out in order to win.”

‘Huh. So you’re saying you have been holding back?’

“Well…a little. Let’s go, Crowkus Jr.!”

“Caw! Caw!”

The Unison monster had been perched quietly in a tree and watching. But it now beat its wings and flew towards Macoco.
Like Garbow, this crow had a machine-like body. And in the next second, it did something very surprising.


I couldn’t help but shout!
The crow Unison had transformed into a giant boomerang!

“Curse of Wings NEXT!”

It was larger than Macoco, but she swung it as if it weighed nothing, and threw it towards Charin.

‘No way!?’

Normally, you could only use up to 2 weapons at the same time.
In NSO, there were only 2 weapon equipment slots for your right and left hands.
In order to ignore this, Macoco turned her Unison into a weapon.
No, she had chosen a Unison who could become a weapon!

After that, the battle was…one sided.
Not only did she have 3 boomerangs now, but Macoco’s fighting style changed.
Instead of using her boomerangs like a sword or shield, she would repeatedly throw and then catch them.
Macoco maintained this state where the three boomerangs were constantly moving through the air.
Throw, catch, throw, catch…it was like a dance.

Furthermore, she activated skills for each boomerang.
Aside from being decoys or invisible, they could be on fire or poisonous. The variety kept increasing.
What impressed me the most was the way she used ‘in-fight’ type skills with a shorter range.
With boomerangs, shorter range meant that they returned to your hand sooner, so by using these skills, even if the movement of throwing was the same, the trajectory could be altered greatly.

Suddenly, there were so many more things that Chain had to be aware of, and her reactions were delayed.
Charin had 13 weapons, but with 3 boomerangs and expert play, she was being pushed to the edge…
So this was the aunt that Necoco respected so much…!

“Hellfire Ash Whirlwind!”

A dark red whirlwind that could burn the sky was what brought the match to a close.
Charin admitted her defeat, and began to talk to Macoco in a friendly manner. And that was where the video ended.
There was no closing message or requests for the viewer to subscribe to the channel. Not even a fade out. It just stopped abruptly… That was strangely refreshing.

Still, I then realized that as lazy as the editing may have seemed, it cut off right there so you wouldn’t know what the reward was.
That told me a little about this pro gamer called Macoco.

It was an interesting video, and I was very impressed.
While I wouldn’t be able to copy it, there was a lot that I could learn.
Alright. I would rewatch it several times and try to find an answer for myself…!

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