My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 53

Leo used magic to light the fire

“Mr. Sebastian, I’m sorry. But it looks like Leo would like to do it.”
“…Oh. The magic of a Silver Fenrir, eh? Well, please do.”
“So we can see Leo do magic. It is not every day that one gets to see a Silver Fenrir use magic. I must see this.”

Sebastian moved out of the way so that Leo could light the branches on fire.
Ms. Claire was also very interested.
It seemed that she had always wanted to witness a Silver Fenrir’s magic.

“Wuuu… Gau!”

Leo faced the pile of branches and howled once.
At the same time, a flame burst from Leo’s mouth and burned the branches.
Now that I think about it, the last time we were in this forest, Leo had done the same thing in order to cook the orc meat.
So much had happened since then, that I had forgotten about it.

“This is the magic of a Silver Fenrir… I knew that they could breathe fire from their mouths, but I didn’t imagine it to be quite like this.”
“…I think maybe it’s because it would be more difficult to use your paws?”

Ms. Claire seemed to be surprised that Leo used her mouth for magic.
But I could tell that she was also excited, as she was smiling.
As for Sebastian and Lyra, they had expressions that were more admiration than surprise.
The guards, on the other hand, had not spent much time with Leo, and so they were staring at the fire as if stunned.
Even if they knew that Silver Fenrirs could use magic, they had never seen it happen before.
Of course not… They had said that they had never even seen a Silver Fenrir before Leo.

“Well, let us cook then. Please wait a little longer, Leo.”

Ms. Lyra was carrying a bag that likely contained pots and food as she addressed Leo.
And so Leo returned to where I was waiting, so that she would not get in the way.
…She looked a little proud about being the one to start the fire.

“You did well, Leo.”
“Wuff! Wuff!”
“…She is so fluffy.”

As Leo looked like she wanted to be praised, I had her lower her head so that I could pet her.
But as I did, another hand stretched out and petted Leo as well.

“…Ms. Claire?”
“…I wanted to pet Leo too…”
“Hahaha. You should pet her some more then.”

Apparently, Ms. Claire had been wanting to pet Leo for quite some time now.
And while her hands still moved hesitantly, she soon got used to how soft Leo’s fur was, and began to pet her more firmly.
Leo must have enjoyed being pet, as she soon pressed her head towards Ms. Claire’s hand encouragingly.
And Ms. Claire, having fulfilled her wish of petting Leo, was all smiles.
Seeing her get on so well with Leo like this made me think that the two sisters really were alike.
After some time passed, a delicious smell began to waft around us.

“We have finished cooking. Please eat, everyone.”

Mr. Sebastian took out some wooden plates from the luggage and passed them around.
Ms. Claire, the guards and everyone would all eat lunch together.

“And here’s a little extra for the great Leo.”

Aside from the pot meal, Ms. Lyra had roasted a few sausages.
She added those to the wooden plate and placed them in front of Leo.

“Wuff. Wuff.”
“Hehe. Enjoy.”

It looked like Leo was thanking Ms. Lyra.
Ms. Lyra smiled and then Leo began to eat it hungrily.
I should eat as well. The smell was very appetizing.
I didn’t want my stomach to start rumbling loudly in public again.
And so Ms. Lyra poured the food from the pot into the plates for everyone.
It was a kind of soup with large chunks of meat and vegetables.
Perhaps she got a good stock from the meat, as both the soup and vegetables were tasty and delicious.

“It was very delicious, Ms. Lyra.”
“Thank you. Though, I’m afraid I’m not nearly as good as Helena…”
“Well, she is a professional cook. But this had the charm of a home-cooked meal, which has its own appeal too, I think.”
“You’re very kind, Mr. Takumi.”

Ms. Lyra blushed a little and thanked me.
I didn’t know why she was thanking me, when all I did was eat some delicious food.
I scratched my cheek a little awkwardly, and then Sebastian, who had also finished his food, walked up to me.

“Lyra is a fine, family-oriented woman. Hohoho.”

He chuckled and then went off somewhere.
What… Up until yesterday, my image of Sebastian was of the perfect, hard-working butler. And that image was shattering loudly…
Had he always had this hobby of…provoking youngsters?

“So he has more hobbies than just explaining things…”

I cannot let my guard around that one… Mr. Sebastian…
After that, everyone finished eating so that the only thing left was to clean up.
However, all this meant was to lightly wash the wooden plates and the pot that was used.
I thought that maybe they would put out the fire, but as a guard was going to stay to look after the horses, they decided to leave it.
Sebastian used water magic to create water to wash the plates.
I had no idea that magic could do such a thing…

“Oh, so you can do it too, Leo? That would really help.”
“So Silver Fenrirs can do all kinds of magic then…”

As Sebastian was making water for washing the plates, Leo approached him with a curious look, and then a sphere of water started to appear right in front of her face.
Perhaps it didn’t come out of her mouth this time, because Leo was being considerate of us.
Afterall, unlike fire, if the water came out of her mouth…everyone would hesitate to use it.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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