Makai Hongi – 278

Chapter 278

○ Wild Hunt – Nehyor

They were near the border between Demon King Legard and Demon King Tralzard’s country.

The Wild Hunt chose areas that were thickly covered with trees as they advanced.
Had they been moving with smaller numbers, they would have been able to travel three or four times faster.

But this was different.
Nehyor had a whole army of soldiers with him.

Of course, this was all to defeat Demon King Tralzard.
In order to accomplish his goal, he had to suffer the extra baggage and increased travel time.

“Lord Nehyor. We should stop here for the day.”
After some time, Legras suggested that they set up camp.

“Have we crossed the border already?”
“Yes. The river that we passed an hour ago should have been it.”

“I see. I suppose we can rest here then. Now that we are in Tralzard’s lands, I would like to start gathering information.”
“We’ll find a nearby village that we can attack.”

As long as they killed everyone who lived there, they would not be discovered until they moved again.
They could stay in the village and send out scouts.

They would move after they found out where Tralzard was, and the locations of her armies.
Legras nodded at Nehyor’s words.

“If Legard’s main army is here, then it’s possible that Tralzard will come here as well.”
“And if that’s the case, maybe they will take each other down?”

“Perhaps. And the more chaos there is on the battlefield, the easier it will be for us to move.”
“Understood. We will start gathering information on Tralzard’s army tomorrow.”

“Yes, good.”
‘We will prepare to camp here then’ Legras said, and then disappeared.

“Phew. What is going to happen? A Demon King would not come out so easily, but it would be a nice surprise.”

Nehyor thought of such things. He was a lot more relaxed now that they had crossed the border.
And so was Legras, who was giving out orders to the others. That was why they did not notice.

Notice that the Shadow Runners’ ‘Hide Together’ was no longer activated.

“We’re under attack!”
Someone shouted.

At the same time, the thunderous sound of something cutting through wind came from above.
“Huh? Have we been found?”

Nehyor looked up at the sky. Two Thunder Birds were shooting down towards them.
“Legard’s army is here already?”

They had not expected Legard’s soldiers to cross the border, and so they had not been cautious about their rear.
And then he finally realized that ‘Hide Together’ was no longer activated.

“Well, it cannot be helped now. Let’s kill them.”

Nehyor’s nails grew out, and he danced up into the sky. And like that, he slashed at one of the Thunder Bird’s wings.
The Thunder Bird lost its balance and plunged to the ground.

“There are more of them. This is bad.”

He didn’t know where Legard’s main army was, but at least one of them would have returned in order to make a report.
So he could not rest safely even if they killed everyone there.

“Legras, let’s move. We only have to kill those who chase after us.”

If their position was already exposed, there was no point in sticking around.
Killing them all would be nothing but a temporary measure.

And so Nehyor and the Wild Hunt decided to relocate while only concentrating on the enemy that pursued them.
This turned out to be an effective tactic, and by the time the sun had set, they succeeded in destroying all of the Thunder Birds.

“…Damn it. How troublesome this is.”
While the Thunder Birds were gone, they had been replaced by Black Butterflies.
Nehyor clicked his tongue with annoyance as he watched them flying in the sky.

While the Black Butterflies could not fight, it was difficult to see them in the night.
And so you would not notice if they were chasing after you.

It was clear that they had been sent now that the sun had gone down.

“We should cover as much ground while we can.”
They were able to use ‘Hide Together’ again, and so the enemy would not be able to see them.

This was their chance to go deeper into Tralzard’s territories.
Thinking this, they moved without sending out any scouts. But luck was not on their side, and Nehyor and his men found themselves in front of another army.

Had Legard managed to go around them?
He wondered at first, but they were clearly different from the soldiers he had seen before.

These were groups of Nightmares, Sky Devils, and Kugas.
All of them were able to see in the dark.

“Ah, they are likely from Tralzard’s army.”
Nehyor lamented. He stared at them carefully and tried to determine whether or not they could stay hidden.

But it was clear that the enemy were suspicious, and so Nehyor made his decision.

“Legras. Let’s annihilate them.”

As they had rushed into Demon King Tralzard’s lands so quickly, he wasn’t sure where they were. But judging by the fact that there were soldiers patrolling the sky, there must be an army nearby.

“Don’t let a single one escape! Go!”
Legras shouted.

And like that, the midnight battle began.

○ Demon King Tralzard’s Castle – Golan

I had come back to Demon King Tralzard’s castle after a few days.
It was only yesterday that I requested an audience, and I was invited to come today.

“Thank you for agreeing to meet me.”
“Well, I have my own reasons. …So, what is it, Golan?”

“I’m going to return to my country now, and thought I would come to bid you farewell.”
“I see… So you are leaving.”

“Yes. I have men that I want to train.”
“Indeed. It might be dangerous… No, I’m sure that you will be fine.”

Tralzard hesitated.
Had something happened?

“Is there any reason to believe the road will be more dangerous now?”

“Yesterday, Legard’s soldiers crossed the border in great numbers. We are in the middle of striking back, but there are other problems as well.”

“So Demon King Legard has invaded this country. And what else?”

“There is another, unidentified group that has entered the country. They fought some of my men who were on patrol. I think it is very likely that they are the Wild Hunt, who caused so much trouble recently.”


“Could you tell me more about what happened?”

“Mmm… We don’t really know more, as they fled shortly after the fight. But the corpses that were left behind match what we know of the Wild Hunt.”

The Wild Hunt was led by Nehyor.
I could not ignore it.

“Where did you encounter them?”

“It was near the border with Legard at first. We’ve seen them two times after that. Here and here.”

Tralzard said as she pointed to locations on the wall map.
They were getting closer and closer to this town. Could it be that…

“Well, I just remembered that I have other business, and will have to delay our return.”
“Is this about the Wild Hunt’s leader? Miralda told me about him.”

“It is. I have to crush him.”

Nehyor had used me as a pawn and made a fool of me.
He had gotten in my way, but we were enemies now. Personal grievances aside, I could still not leave him be.

And I had so wanted to kill him all of this time.

But he was coming to me now. It was perfect.
I would go at him in full force. And kill.

“So you two have a history. Well, then. I will tell you as soon as new information comes in.”
“Thank you.”

I had only come to say farewell, and ended up receiving important information.
Nehyor would constantly appear and disappear without warning, and so it was impossible for me to find out where he was.

But it was a different story if he was coming to me.
Yes, I would prepare to meet him and wait.

He shouldn’t know that I am here.
I laughed mockingly.

“Golan…you. You are starting to take after King Melvis!”
Tralzard said with a look of displeasure.

Surely that wasn’t true?

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