My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 56

I made a plant with Weed Cultivation to help carry the orcs

Leo had defeated the orcs in an instant.
My eyes were barely able to keep up with her. And I was reminded of just how strong Leo was.
Even if I could see it, it was too fast for a human to copy, let alone deal with…


Leo sounded like she had just finished a simple task as she returned to me.
But everyone excluding me had their mouths hanging open as they watched Leo walk back.
In the meantime, I sheathed the short sword I had been carrying.
…It was a good thing that I hadn’t been forced to use it while still not accustomed to it.

“Wuff-wou. Wuff-wuff.”
“…Yes, very good, Leo.”

As she returned to my side, Leo lowered her head as if she wanted to be patted, and so I reached out and patted her head.
Upon seeing this, the guards said,

“We…weren’t able to do anything…”
“Yes…what is the point of us being…”
“I am still green…”

Leo’s display had taken away their purpose.
Don’t worry. I’m sure we still need human guards as well! …I think…

“So this is how a Silver Fenrir fights… It is no wonder they are considered to be the greatest of monsters.”
“Yes… To think that the Great Leo, who is so cute…”
“It was like this when they rescued me as well. For the Great Leo, a battle with an orc lasts just a second.”
“Wuff? Wuff-wuff. Wuff-wuff wou!”

She was looking at the orcs and moving her mouth as if to eat them…
It seemed like Leo just saw the orcs as a food supply…
So perhaps this was all just a casual hunt for her.

“Mr. Takumi, what did Leo say?”
“…I think she said that orcs are nothing but tasty meat…”

Leo nodded as if to confirm it.

“…But orcs are monsters that can even be dangerous for seasoned fighters if they let their guard down…”

After hearing that Leo thought of orcs as meat, Ms. Claire looked very surprised.
The three guards were also too shocked to speak.

“…In any case, let’s head to the river. And we can rest there.”
“Wuff? Wuff-wuff?”

Leo looked towards the orcs and then tilted her head to the side.
Uhh… As we had eaten an orc after defeating it previously, she was asking why we weren’t going to do it this time.

“…But… I don’t think we can carry three of them? Mr Sebastian. Leo is saying that she wants to eat the orc meat… What should we do?”
“Indeed… Phillip. Can you carry them?”
“If it’s the ones that the Great Leo has split into two, we might…”
“Hmm… In that case, let’s drag them.. It will be easier than carrying them, I think. Besides, we’re already close to the river.”
“Very well. Johanna, Nicholas.”
“This will be good training.”

And so the three guards walked towards the orcs that Leo defeated.

“Wou? Wuff-wuff.”
“Leo. You can carry the orcs?”

And then Leo walked over to them and stopped at the orc whose neck she had bitten.


Leo’s jaw went around its head and then she lifted it up.
…An orc’s body was about the same size as a human’s, but they were quite fat and looked heavy. But Leo seemed to barely even notice the weight.

“It will be a lot easier if the Great Leo carries one.”
“Then we will carry the remaining orcs.”

The remaining orcs had been split in half by Leo, which meant that there were four pieces.
And so Phillip grabbed the two torso pieces by the arms and pulled them away.
Johanna and Nicolas took the remaining two pieces and dragged them by the legs.
As all three of them were already carrying baggage, on top of wearing metal armor, it seemed quite harsh to have to carry the orcs on top of that.
Ah, that’s right… There was something that I could do.

“Uh, Phillip. Please wait one moment.”
“What is it?”

I stopped Phillip and the other guards as they were about to start walking. And then I rummaged through my bag.
Ah, there it is. This.

“I know it may look suspicious, but please eat this.”
“What is it…?”

What I took out of the bag and handed to them was the leaves of the plant I had made yesterday while studying Weed Cultivation.

“I think it will help you while carrying the orcs.”
“…Thank you.”
“…It has a very strange color…”

The leaves had a blue color.
Even if you knew that it was a medicinal plant, most people would hesitate to eat it if it was the leaves that were blue, and not the flower.
Still, the three seemed to trust me, and so they put the leaves into their mouths.

“It’s not…bad at all…”
“It’s rather good…”
“I would not have expected it to taste like this.”

Oh, so they even liked the taste.
It was probably because I was thinking about taste as well when using Weed Cultivation.
I had tried eating a small piece myself, and it tasted like soda pop.
However, the idea of a plant tasting like soda pop didn’t make it sound any less suspicious…

“Hmm? My body suddenly feels lighter…”
“What is…”
“While it’s only half an orc, I can lift it up easily now.”

The effect was felt immediately after the three ate the plant. And Johanna and Nicolas raised the legs easily.
As Phillip was carrying two, he wasn’t able to do that, but it seemed that it was still easier for him now.
That was good. So it had worked.
While I was sure it was safe, it was still a little like an experiment. But it was probably fine.

“Mr. Takumi. What is that?”

Ms. Claire, who had been watching the three guards, asked me.

“Something I was testing in the back garden yesterday. I wanted to see what I could do with Weed Cultivation.”
“So you were making this plant. That was the secret.”
“…Hmm, no. It’s not just this plant. In fact, this one was made quite by accident while I was testing other things. I wasn’t trying to make it.”
“Is that so? Then what were you really trying to do?”
“Well, I think we should talk about that later. For now, let’s head to the river.”
“…Hmph, very well. But I will have my answer from you when we get there.”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. When I read that title I thought he was gonna make a plant to physically carry the orcs. Anyways won’t it be really messy dragging them along the ground? There’s blood and entrails that would be coming out of the dismembered pieces.

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