Seisan Mahoushi – 10

Chapter 10 – Something Crept Towards us!?

After making the lamellar armour, I used what iron I had left to make a set of five spears and shortswords.

The shortswords would be for carving meat, while the spears would be for close range combat during hunts.

And then I taught five other Kijins how to use a crossbow.
While they were not as skilled as Mette, they still learned to use them quite quickly.

Kijins were already skilled when it came to using spears, and so they would likely be able to hunt Hell Alligators safely now.

Like this, I ended my first day in Fenrir village.

“Haa. I’m tired…”

I had just been led to a relatively large tent, and I was about to go to sleep.

I suppose Iria and the others had provided one of their better tents.
There were several patchwork skins laid out on the floor.

Though, if I was being honest, it smelled harshly of beasts, and I had trouble sleeping.

However, Wiz acted as a pillow for me, and the slime let off a citrus-like scent.

“Oh, thanks…Wiz.”

Wiz was very smart, and had often helped take care of me back at the Knights Order.

Wiz must have sensed the bad smell, and melted some oranges that were in its body in order to combat it.

“I should be able to sleep now… Hmm?”

I noticed two shadows outside of my tent.

…What was it? It was quite late now. Huh?

And then the two figures entered the tent.

“I-Iria? Mette? Wh-what is it?”

And then Iria blushed and said,

“W-well… I came to take care of you…Sir Joshua…”

As she stumbled on her words, Mette stepped forward.

“…I think you should retire to your tent, princess. I will handle this.”
“B-but, Mette. Won’t this be your first time?”
“Y-you’re one to talk! It’s your first time too!”
But, Mette. You’re very… Well, I think you’ll just frighten Sir Joshua instead.”
“…Are you mocking me? In any case, you must leave this to me! I’ll have Joshua in the palm of my hand, I can promise you that!”

It seemed like the kind of thing they should have discussed before coming here…

Now the two beautiful women looked very awkward in front of me. If I were being honest, it was not entirely… But I really was just a Production Magician. I didn’t want to act like a certain self-important person I knew.

“Both of you… There’s no rush. I’m not going anywhere.”

Well, at least until I knew that they could all live here safely.
And in order to do that, they needed to be able to secure food, but also…

It was just as I was about to say it.
Suddenly, Iria noticed something and began to look around.

“You two… Something is coming this way.”

Mette noticed the sound too as she nodded silently.

“A beast… No, the footsteps are light. Ten…no, more than twenty. They are still far away. I think they are still watching us. And they all walk on two feet.”

I couldn’t hear anything, but the Kijins could. They must have good ears.

“Perhaps they are slave hunters…”

I suggested. And then Iria ordered Mette with a serious expression.

“Mette. Prepare for battle at once!”

And then Mette rushed out of the tent with the speed of the wind.

“I will fight too. It must be those slave hunters.”
“Thank you, Sir Joshua. I will also fight!”
“But, aren’t you their chief?”
“However, I have the ‘White Ogre’ crest… It is a warrior crest. If only I had a weapon… Ah!”

As if suddenly remembering something, Iria touched the horn that was at her waist.

“Sire Joshua. Could you…turn this into a weapon?”
“…Your horn? But it’s…”
“It will be of no use to me like this. In that case, if there is some way that it can help…”

A Kijin’s horn would be one the greatest of crafting materials for weapons.
As it absorbed magic energy, it could be a magic weapon that used fire or wind.

And more than anything, it was durable. A sword made out of such a horn would be unbreakable.

And so I clutched Iria’s horn.

“…At least, I will not be able to return it to its original form. Do you still want to do it?”
“Yes, please… I too want the power to protect others.”
“Very well…”

And so I took the horn from Iria and absorbed it into the Magic Workshop.

As for the shape…I decided to base it off the longsword I had seen on the cloth earlier. The sword that the person in armor had been carrying.

“Craft… Enhanced Blade.”

An Enhanced Blade was a sword that used materials with magic energy.

With this weapon, it wasn’t just the quality of the materials, but the skill of the crafter also affected how much magic energy would reside within.

In other words, this would really put my own abilities to the test.

I want to protect my tribe…I need power.
In order to answer Iria’s request, I began to craft the sword with all of the magic energy within me.

So that no matter how hard the metal, against any kind of enemy…it would never break.

“…I did it.”

A beautiful, silvery white blade appeared in my hand.
It was thin, light, and yet solid. And I could sense the magic energy within.

I then handed the finished blade to Iria.

She looked completely taken in by the sword, and stared at it for some time.

“This is your weapon. If you will it to, you can make fire reside in it. And create winds… It is a magical weapon.”

With magic weapons, you could make it learn some of the crafter’s magic.
By doing this, the wielder could use the magic that the weapon learned, without actually learning it themselves.

And so for this blade, I had made it learn the two low-ranking spells I knew, fire and wind magic. So the blade could be enveloped in flames or create a gust of wind.

Without saying anything, Iria accepted the sword.
The light of the moon coming from outside reflected on the blade.

“Thank you… With this weapon, I will protect everyone.”

Iria declared, and I nodded deeply.

“…Aye. Well, then. We should go.”

And so Iria and I stepped out of the tent in order to join Mette and the others.

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