Shatei Kyokufuri – 142

Data.134 – Old Bowman, Departed Spirit VS Ghost

The prince with blonde hair and blue eyes…Nord, challenged me to a fight. But he didn’t point his weapons at me.
Was he that confident? Was it arrogance or did he want me to go first? Was he aiming to counter…

“Ah, if you lost HP or MP, you should heal yourself now. I don’t need to take you while you’re unprepared. In fact, I’ll give you healing items if you need them.”

“How considerate of you.”

My HP and MP were fine, and I wasn’t under any status effects.
Luckily, none of my charge attacks were in cooldown either.
I was in the perfect condition…
Regardless, he was clearly provoking me
But I…couldn’t think of anything to say back. Well, that was fine.

“I’m good.”

“Then let’s start in 5 seconds.”

I nodded silently.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

“Exploding Sky Tear!”

“Twin Hollow Light!”

The highspeed arrow that I shot towards his head…barely grazed his cheek!
It wouldn’t cause an explosion like this…
His reflexes… No, perhaps he had predicted that I would use Sky Tear as my first move and so he moved his head!?

Not only that, but Nord launched an attack at the same time.
While he missed this time, the two bullets flew close to my shoulders.
He had been aiming for my shoulders, which meant he was trying to shoot my arms off…!
He only needed to get one of them and then I wouldn’t be able to use my bow anymore!

I had to be more careful with him…more so than any player I had fought before.
Even though I didn’t know much about the world of gaming, I knew a little about VRHAR.
The first time that I found out about their existence was in the comment section of the Charin fight video that Necoco uploaded to her channel.

That was quite recent… Regardless, their name had been brought up many times.
As most of the comments were comparing them to the Ghost Guild, it was a mess of varying opinions.
VRHAR was stronger, Ghost Guild was more explosive, it was a chaotic mixture of hostile and well-meaning comments.

However, I had acquired some useful information from it all.
Even though I was just quickly scrolling through the comments, I could tell that the majority of people felt that VRHAR were stronger.
And most of this was based on the fact that VRHAR had cleared the Charin battle first.

Yes, they were four of the five who had cleared it before us.
The other was Necoco’s aunt, Macoco Strange. It really was a small world.
All of us were now connected…
Well, I did not want to be connected to someone like the person in front of me!

“Yes, there is something remarkable about your aiming ability. I will be at a disadvantage if we shoot at each other from this distance…”

He did not sound sincere.
He clearly wanted me to move back.
Of course, my speciality was shooting at long range.
So I would have liked to do it, but there was no way that Nord wasn’t expecting me to.
He must have a way of dealing with long range attacks…
Besides I didn’t want to use Warp Arrow or I’m Arrow just yet.

“Exorcism Barrier!”

“Oh, so that’s how you react. Then I will use a shield too. Parasol Bullet!”

A shield that looked like an umbrella shot out of one of his guns.
It was made of transparent energy, and would block my attacks.

“While I cannot shoot with this gun while this is activated, it more than makes up for it with its features.”

As the gun and shield were combined, he could move it in any direction and use it while moving.
It did seem easy to use, but the weakness was also clear.

“Gatling Burning Arrow!”

It was the size of an umbrella, which meant it only protected a limited area.
And so I could aim outside of the umbrella, and then use Star Area Range to curve it so that I could hit his body!
Even if it couldn’t curve enough, the explosion should deal a little damage!

“Oh, I didn’t know about this attack.”

“That’s how cautious I’m being around you.”

“What an honor.”

With the gun that didn’t have a shield, Nord aimed…behind his own back!

“Blast Shot!”

A powerful wind shot out!
Through using the power of the wind, Nord pushed himself forward in order to dodge the curving arrow.
And without losing momentum, Nord’s Parasol Bullet crashed into my Exorcism Barrier, causing a strong flash of light.

“Blinding your opponent is quite effective against human players. Flash Bullet!”


Blinding flashes of light erupted all around Exorcism Barrier.
A barrier could not block light…!

“…!? Bullets from below!?”

Several bullets were flying out of the ground!
The barrier didn’t cover the underground as well.
Did Nord know about this, or was he testing…
In any case, this was probably a fusion of a drilling skill and a bullet curving skill…!

“Burning Arrow Storm!”

Even though the bullets were moving through the ground, he was still on the surface.
And so I rotated on the surface and unleashed arrows like rain.
The explosive wind blew away the sources of the lights, and when I could properly see again…Nord was nowhere to be found.

“…Above me!?”

“Good answer!”

He already had the higher ground!
And Exorcism Barrier had worn off.
But even if it hadn’t, that skill would not have been able to stop a charge attack…!

“Daybreak Star!”

“Woah! Blast Shot!”

In order to dodge the spiked iron ball that suddenly came flying, Nord created some wind for an emergency landing.

“You’ve been ignoring me this whole time.”

Anne said as she swung the ball in a circle around her.
Nordo remained calm as he replied.

“My purpose here is to test Mr. Kyuji’s ability, not to get involved with unrelated players. Please step away.”

“I can’t do that! Mr. Kyuji and I are friends! I will not stand by while he is attacked!”

“And yet you watched us silently for quite a while.”

“I thought that Mr. Kyuji could beat you on his own!”

“I see. So I looked pretty strong to you.”


It hurt a little to think that I had disappointed her…
Still, it couldn’t be helped. That’s how much better Nord was.
I was not confident at all that I could beat him alone!

“Well, while I had no intention of hurting you, I will fight back if you attack me. And I won’t call you a coward for fighting me as a pair. It would be ridiculous for me to suddenly challenge you out of nowhere and complain about fairness. You can use the help of friends or Unisons if you like.”

“Are you sure? I want to complete this Grow Card, and I have no pointless pride, so I’ll take any help that I can get.”

“I do not mind. Though, heavy-weight mid-range players are no match for me. Same with a Unison that is stuck in its second evolution, so I doubt they will be of much help. And…you can run away if you want. My purpose is to test your strength. If you run away before I can test you, that would mean my defeat.”

Hmph. This player knew no bounds…
Though, fixating on fighting with my current ability would not bring any good results.
And there was the Grow Card.
I didn’t want it to get destroyed and do the zombie survival again. Maybe I will just run away.
In a way that will surprise him…!

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  1. Nope. Still don’t like him. So what if he gives Kyuji a chance to recover his HP and MP before the battle, he’s still acting like there’s a rivalry between them even though Kyuji never even met the guy before.

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