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[VRMMO] Next Stage Online General Thread part2947

1: Anonymous Runner
A general thread to discuss ‘Next Stage Online.’
While most subjects are allowed, party requests, complaints, trolling and bragging have their own threads.
The next thread will be created automatically.

2: Anonymous Runner

3: Anonymous Runner
>>1 Thanks!
So the leak was real after all. lol

4: Anonymous Runner
Where are all the people who called it fake!

5: Anonymous Runner
I always believed that it was real.

6: Anonymous Runner
What a huge fail for the people who thought it was fake. lol

7: Anonymous Runner
You say leak, but it was just one comment.
I believed it, even though it lacked details. But I can understand why others were skeptical.

8: Anonymous Runner
I heard that the leak was mostly just connecting dots from hints that were in the game. But what were the hints?

9: Anonymous Runner
Maybe there was hidden text in the current event.

10: Anonymous Runner
Apparently, there were cryptic messages hidden throughout the trials. And if you connect them, it would show information about the next event.
But there are a lot of trials, and no way to actually confirm if the information is right. And many people weren’t even able to complete the trials in the first place.

11: Anonymous Runner
Only the most obsessed people would have bothered to do that.
And so it was best to just wait for an official announcement.

12: Anonymous Runner
That’s why most of the people here thought it was fake.

13: Anonymous Runner
It’s 25 million. That’s hard to believe.
NSO has never awarded people with real money before.

14: Anonymous Runner
I would expect nothing less from this board.

15: Anonymous Runner
People would insist it was fake, even after others found the hidden messages.

16: Anonymous Runner
Some people here are just really stubborn!

17: Anonymous Runner
They clearly have nothing better to do, so why don’t they spend their time trying to confirm the leak instead?

18: Anonymous Runner
They are too busy replying to this thread.

19: Anonymous Runner
Human trash

20: Anonymous Runner
That’s a little harsh
Human failure is more like it

21: Anonymous Runner
Human failure!

22: Anonymous Runner

23: Anonymous Runner
Is it really…?

◆ ◆ ◆

654: Anonymous Runner
So, this is the first NSO event with real prize money.

655: Anonymous Runner
I guess this game must be doing really well.
Of course, perhaps they are just taking a big risk in an attempt to attract more attention.

656: Anonymous Runner
I don’t know the rules yet, but I suppose it will be PvP.
Like e-sports.

657: Anonymous Runner
With such a high reward, other pros will likely want to join in.
Of course, they likely won’t have enough time for this specific event.

658: Anonymous Runner
The pros that are already playing must be very happy.
They can earn the title of the very first champion.

659: Anonymous Runner
And then you can become the face of the game.

660: Anonymous Runner
Well, this game already has a face.

661: Anonymous Runner
That old man will participate without a doubt. As well as many other famous players.

662: Anonymous Runner
Even without the reward, a lot of people will want to become famous through the tournament.
You will be able to call yourself the strongest and it will be official.

663: Anonymous Runner
Everyone likes being the strongest, regardless of age or gender.
So it’s no surprise.

664: Anonymous Runner
I’m sure there are also a lot of unknown players who have been hiding their strength up until now.
People who only care now because there is prize money.

665: Anonymous Runner
So they ignored previous events in order to hide their cards.

666: Anonymous Runner
This could be the most heated battle in NSO yet.
Of course, it’s not like we’ll have anything to do with it.

667: Anonymous Runner
Hey, speak for yourself.
I intend on winning this!
I want that money!

668: Anonymous Runner
I guess even the people here are serious now.
When 25 million is on the line, even a dog will become a wolf.

669: Anonymous Runner
The time has come to show what you can really do…

670: Anonymous Runner
While the rules haven’t been announced, it’s clearly going to be parties of four fighting each other.
So we should think of strategies.

671: Anonymous Runner
Well, what would you use the 25 million for if you won it?

672: Anonymous Runner
Savings account

673: Anonymous Runner
Yeah, it’s not quite enough to live lavishly for the rest of your life.
I would maybe celebrate once and then save the rest.

674: Anonymous Runner
I’ll upgrade all the electronics in the house.

675: Anonymous Runner
You people are all very selfish.
I’d spend it on my parents.

676: Anonymous Runner
Well, I’ll go out and eat some meat and then think about the rest later.

677: Anonymous Runner
It will become living expenses.

678: Anonymous Runner
Hmm. I can’t think of anything. So I’ll save it.

679: Anonymous Runner
Why are you all talking as if you already won…

680: Anonymous Runner
And most just want to save their money. How boring.

681: Anonymous Runner
Why would you expect anything more from these people?

682: Anonymous Runner
Everyone here is poor

683: Anonymous Runner
I’m not worthy of having big dreams.
And so I can’t say much!

684: Anonymous Runner
You are all hopeless

685: Anonymous Runner
[Tragic news] Everyone here is likely to lose pathetically again.

◆ ◆ ◆

The NSO community was shaken by this sudden news.
It almost didn’t feel real, and so they talked about it as if it was a joke.
However, it felt more real as the days passed, and a week later, everyone was preparing for the event.
But the truly strong players had been preparing even earlier than that in order to become the strongest of all.

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