Seisan Mahoushi – 35

Chapter 35 – The Sheep Joined Us!

“Baaahhh… Celes has fainted…”
“It’s no use! We’re all going to die!”

The Mopes began to ‘Bahh’ loudly at once.

And then Iria turned to look at me.

“What should we do, Sir Joshua?”
“They seem to have lost the will to fight. And they are capable of communicating, so I guess I’ll try talking to them.”
“Of course.”

And then Iria sheathed her blade again.

I walked over to the Mope boss—who was called Celes, and cast healing magic.

“Baaahhh… Is this healing magic… bah!?”

But the Mope began to shudder as its eyes moved to something.

It was looking at Iria.

And so I said to the shaking Celes,

“Don’t worry. We have no intention of killing you and the others.”
“Re-really? Oh, we-well, I’m sorry. It’s just that we were attacked by humans recently and…”

Celes said with a quick bow of the head.
And then the other shaking Mopes did the same.
It wasn’t me, but Iria that they feared…

“I see… Are you from the Demon King’s army then?”
“We-well, you can say that. But we were forced to stay in cramped shacks the whole time, and so we tried to escape… It was the worst… We had to drink muddy water and eat rotten meat every day.”

In other words, they had been imprisoned for their wool and milk.
Normal sheeps were raised in vast fields of grass, so they were in an especially bad environment.

Celes continued sadly.

“But while we were able to escape, everywhere we went, there were humans or other monsters who attacked us, and so we could not stay in one area… And then we finally found
this place.”
“I see. Unfortunately, no matter which direction you go from here, it will be human territory.”
“I-I see… And they’ll attack us again if they see us.”

Celes said with an exhausted expression.
The other Mopes bleated in sad agreement.

And then Iria tugged at my sleeve.

“Sir Joshua. Perhaps we could…”
“Are you certain?”
“Yes, I am. And I’ll let you handle it as the representative, Sir Joshua.”
“Thank you, Iria.”

As I had her permission, I turned back to Celes.

“Celes. Why don’t you and the others live close by?”
“Do-do you mean it? But aren’t these your lands?”
“And, while not in exchange, perhaps you could consider sharing your wool and milk with us? We will also offer you food and housing. Of course, that includes fresh grass and fish. And you will be able to roam around freely.”

We wanted the Mopes’ wool and milk.
That being said, it was possible that they had escaped because they didn’t want to do that. So I couldn’t insist on anything.

But Celes replied immediately.

“Really? You will even let us use your houses! We would be delighted!”
“I see. We actually really wanted some wool. Thank you, Celes.”

I offered my hand to the sheep boss.

“It’s nice to meet you! Uhh…”
“Ah, pardon me. I’m Joshua. It’s nice to meet you.”

With a brightened expression, Celes raised a hoof so that I could shake it.

Like this, it was decided that the Mopes would join us.

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  1. The boss sheep is named Celes? Sounds like a girl’s name. Uh don’t tell me she’ll also have a human form and join the harem… There is an ent in the harem after all so it’s possible. That does mean collecting wool and milk from Celes sounds super lewd though…

  2. I noticed a slight error… “sheep” (like “deer” and a few other animal names) is both singular and plural. So “sheeps” should be corrected to “sheep”.

    I think this is as many chapters as I can manage tonight, thank you very much for the entertainment. This story keeps just getting more ridiculous but in a somewhat fresh/new way.

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