My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 429

Ms. Claire and the others would be very busy

And so I agreed with Mr. Ekenhart that I did not want her to be put in danger.
Though, from her perspective, it probably looked like I was doing something dangerous. And it probably caused her to worry.
I would have to be careful.

“I understand that. It is not as if I can fight, and there would be little that I could do there. But to determine that you cannot act and let Mr. Takumi work on his own…”
“And I do feel bad about that. Mr. Takumi, I am sorry for relying on you and making the wrong decision.”
“I also needed to check my information more thoroughly. And I will do my best to avoid such a thing happening again.”
“Hahaha. Well, everyone makes mistakes. I don’t mind. Besides, considering that Liza was targeted, it hardly mattered. Leo and I would have gone out on our own anyway. Isn’t that right, Leo?”
“Wuff? Wuff-wuff!”

After being berated by his daughter, Mr. Ekenhart stopped making excuses and then turned to me and bowed his head.
Sebastian also bowed.
I had only brought up my conversation with Nick to stop Mr. Ekenhart’s teasing of Ms. Claire, and had not expected him to apologize like this….

In any case, I chuckled and insisted that it was nothing to me.
Even if finding and rescuing Liza was something I had done with Mr. Ekenhart’s help, our motive was not directly related to him.
So even if Mr. Ekenhart had decided to send his men out for Deam, right after speaking with Mark, we would have likely still gone out tonight.

And when I questioned Leo about it, she raised her head from the sausages she was eating and nodded.
Sorry for disturbing your meal Leo… But you should maybe eat a little slower.
There had been a mountain of sausages, but most were gone by now…

“Hah… You can be a little more upset about it, you know? Mr. Takumi.”
“Ah, I could not do that… As I said before, it doesn’t really matter. We would have gone as soon as we heard about Deam. I want Ractos to be safe for Liza to visit.”
“But you really should be careful, Mr. Takumi.”
“Uh, well… I shall be careful. Sorry.”

Perhaps Ms. Claire was still holding a grudge against her father. But I didn’t intend on discussing the matter any further.
As long as my goal of making the town safe for Liza was accomplished, then that was fine.
Especially since it seemed like none of the people related to Deam would try to get revenge.

Still, Ms. Claire had a rather pleading look as she asked me to be careful.
She really had been worried. And I was weak to such expressions… And so all I could do was nod and promise. Any man would have done the same in my position.
I could act foolishly sometimes, and so I would try to avoid danger, so she would not worry about me. I told her as much and apologized.

“In any case, Sebastian and I will deal with the matter before we go off to the forest tomorrow. There may be others aside from Deam who would target Liza. It will be a good opportunity to investigate the slums and town in general.”
“Indeed. We will be quite busy…”

Mr. Ekenhart had a serious expression as he talked about what must be done.
Sebastian nodded in agreement, only, he appeared to be looking forward to it.
I suppose he enjoyed investigating and finding bad people…
At least he had other hobbies than just explaining things.

“Those are things that I cannot do, so I will leave it to you.”
“Father, I will help as well. …So you don’t make wrong decisions again.”
“…I don’t intend to, but it would be better to have multiple opinions. Very well.”

I didn’t know anything about policy, and was in no position to say or do anything.
Ms. Claire also wanted to get involved. But since Mr. Ekenhart was taking this very seriously, I doubted he would be making any mistakes. But maybe I was overestimating him…
In any case, Mr. Ekenhart welcomed her help.
Besides, he probably wanted to train her as much as possible, for the sake of her future…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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