Jack of all Trades – 397

Master of all Trades

A crack appeared in the air, and Rachel stepped out.

“You don’t have to explain anything… I can see what has happened…”

Rachel clicked her tongue as she saw Asagi. He was facing the god with a silver sword in his hand. Not only did she understand the situation, but it almost seemed as if she had expected it.

“He seemed to have no problem after I gave him Gleipnir, and so I thought a new contract would only be a burden…”
“That time on the beach…”
“Yes. A new contract would be something closer and thicker. Asagi has already increased his power a number of times through contracts, but that meant they were moving like a storm. They were eating away at his insides.”

Forest Wolf. God Wolf. Deep Wolf. These three contracts within Asagi were competing, and that caused him to evolve. And on top of that, the wind dragon armor was causing any remaining balance to collapse. That was why he needed to wear the Gleipnir.

“He was able to control some of it when he officially became my thrall. But then he made the contract with Pochi, and that destroyed the balance.”
“Yes, it was from that point that he seemed to be in pain when he used his powers…”
“In the first place, I think that Jack of all Trades, Master of None was almost too good a fit for him. The words mean you can do most things decently, but never achieve greatness. But it was then translated to the language used here. And it changed.”

Asagi had said it was a skill that allowed him to understand how to use anything he touched. It seemed to fit the original meaning well enough. He had always said that it required a lot of work and determination to improve from there. And so he had never expected anymore more from the skill.

“However, as I said before, I think the skill can do something close to ‘predicting the future.’ Perhaps it’s also an effect of the skill, that he can use it effortlessly in spite of it also being a great burden.”
“In other words, Asagi was on a path to destruction without even knowing it…”
“He was on that path the moment he arrived here… So were they. And so was I.”

I had no words to say to that. Was she saying that this had been Asagi’s fate the moment that he made contact with the power of the gods?
Even now, Asagi was fighting with the god. But it was clear that he was not at his best. He was still not fully in control of his power.

“So if you make a new contract, Asagi will return to normal?”
“Not…normal. It was that god over there, wasn’t it?”

Rachel glanced at the goddess, who was floating as she watched the fight.

“…Yes. I did it as well.”
“I see. You have returned to your ancient ancestors who disappeared from this world. It’s ironic. How do you feel now that your body will never age?”

Never age? I see…I would never age.

“I would have preferred for it to have happened when I was a little younger.”
“Hmph. At least you are calm enough to make light of it. The only thing I need to worry about now is Asagi.”
“Can you do something?”
“Another contract. But I must make Asagi stay still first. You must fight the god in the meantime. Then I will be able to do it.”
“I understand. My instincts are telling me how to use this ancient power. I will do it.”

Rachel nodded. It was for Asagi. He was still moving like a madman… But he would probably be fine, even if forced to stay still.

I put away my sword and took out my bow instead. I did not need any arrows now. My magic seemed to flow without limit, and it would substitute the arrows. By using the bow of the tree of life and death, the energy was compressed. I pointed it towards Asagi’s feet and waited.


The unleashed arrow flew at a great speed and exploded right between Asagi and the god of destruction. The compressed magical energy blew Asagi into the air.

“I am sorry to have to do that, but it is for your own good. Forgive me.”

Asagi slid across the floor and landed by Rachel’s feet. She would take care of the rest. Now my job was to take on the god of destruction.

“Well…it is my turn now.”

□   □   □   □


My vision went completely white out of nowhere. Before I knew it, I was blown into the air and landed on the ground. What the hell…?

“You idiot.”
“Rachel…? Why are you…”

When I opened my eyes, Rachel was looking at me. Her eyes were a mixture of anger, sadness and regret.

“Hmmm… I suppose that explosion knocked some sense into you.”
“Sense… Ah, right. Something is strange… My body won’t obey me.”
“We need to make a new contract. And it should make you sane again.”

Should…? Oh, shit. I could feel my consciousness leaving again. It was like there was another personality in me. It was biting me in an attempt to take away control. I fought it, but it kept biting.

And so I concentrated in order to avoid being eaten. As I closed my eyes tightly, Rachel’s hand gently touched my forehead.

“You don’t have to fight it anymore. I will help you.”

Silver particles rained down and entered my body…this body that was now half wolf god.
It was a cold, and yet somehow warm, mysterious light. As it was sucked into me, the two personalities seemed to unite into one.

And when it was done, I realized it. The power of the forest that Beowulf had given to me. The power of the wind from Rachel. Pochi’s power of shadow. They were all truly my own power now. My mind and body told me this.

“So this is a Fenrir…”
“You are now also a wolf that ate the world.”
“I see. The world…”

There was something else that turning into the second god wolf in the world told me. ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ had undergone a change as well.

“Status open.”

◇   ◇   ◇   ◇

Name: Asagi Kamiyashiro
Race: God Wolf
Job: Adventurer(Rank: A)
Alias: Silvergreen
LV: 108
HP: 6540/6540
MP: 6300/6300
STR: 2450 VIT: 2750
AGI: 3894 DEX: 2960
INT: 2580 LUK: 1000

Skills: Master of all Trades(-), Legs of the God Wolf(-), Eyes of the God Wolf(-), Shadow of the Deep Wolf(-), Single-handed Sword(10/10), Shortsword(10/10), Spear(10/10), Bow(10/10), Greatsword(10/10), Presence Detection(10/10), Presence Block(10/10), Night Eyes(10/10)
Magic: Ice Magic(10/10), Water Magic(10/10), Fire Magic(10/10), Dimension Magic(10/10)

Quests: None

Party: Daniela Villesilf

Equipment: Armor
Head – Gleipnir
Torso – Gleipnir
Arms – Gleipnir
Legs – Gleipnir
Feet – Gleipnir
Weapons – None

Clothes – Gleipnir
Accessories – Hollow bracelet

◇   ◇   ◇   ◇

I took out my status card from the hollow bracelet and looked at it. I see. These were definitely the numbers of someone who had stopped being human.

Of course, I already knew it. ‘Jack of all Trades’ was now ‘Master of all Trades.’
That was probably why my skill levels were suddenly maxed out. It was suddenly like having a cheat ability.

“So, who’s the protagonist now?”
“Give me a break… A harem is the last thing I want.”

Rachel teased, but then quickly grew serious.

“In that case, go and save her. And the world while you’re at it.”
“Now go! My idiot apprentice!”

She slapped me on the back and I began to run. Yes, I had to save her first.

The world came after.

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