Jack of all Trades – 398

Haidera Keisuke

Daniela hit the god of destruction with her transformed sword, and then jumped back.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”
“You are late. What were you doing?”
“I had a little problem.”

Daniela and glanced back at me and glared. However, the corner of her mouth was curled into a grin.

It really was quite pathetic. I knew that it was all my fault, but I didn’t expect to lose myself like that… I had vague memories. I could still remember this god of destruction when he had stabbed me. He was just wearing a shirt and jeans back then. But yes, the face was the same.

“Let’s get this over with.”
“Hmph… I see that you are not a beast anymore.”

The god of destruction spat. This really was an unexpected encounter. I had no idea why he was a god now, but it hardly mattered. I would teach him a lesson.

“Though, I almost feel bad for you. Being involved in a failed experiment.”
“You didn’t know? That blondie over there. His experiments are what brought us here.”

I pointed at the Nova, who was shaking by the wall. A magic tool who was sentient. When the god looked at him, the Nova shuddered even more.

“He wanted to go to the world of the gods, and so he repeated the experiments. That’s how we were pulled into this. I’m turning into a monster now, and you’ve become some kind of god who is bound by the world.”

The bastard god listened to me with an eerie degree of silence. Then he walked up to the Nova and grabbed him by the face.

“I see… So it’s you…”

The Nova screamed as the sounds of bending metal echoed in the air. The goddess floated behind me and watched. She was laughing loudly.

“I don’t mean to agree with someone who just happened to receive the powers of a god. But I applaud you for that action. It was a tool, but it crossed the line.”

While I had provoked the god into action, there was something sinister about the goddess as she clapped her hands and praised him. Was it a difference in values? It was true that what the Nova did was unforgivable. Many people had suffered. But the root of it all was a feeling of loneliness. While the punishment was necessary, there was no need to step all over that emotion as well.

There was a terrible cracking sound. The Nova stopped moving then, and its body grew limp as it hung below its head. Then the god let go, and it fell to the ground.

“Well, that’s one thing out of the way. Now please get rid of this god.”
“You do not have to tell us twice.”

Daniela replied coldly. She was just as annoyed with the goddess as I was. Perhaps something had happened while I had lost my mind. Daniela was sometimes difficult, so perhaps they had had a problem.

In any case, while I took stock of the situation, I also figured out how to use ‘Master of all Trades.’ The basics were the same as Jack of all Trades. Images would appear on screens in your head and teach you how to use tools and skills. And the version of me that I could see on the screens was no longer human. It could not be helped. Besides, I always liked non-human creatures, so it wasn’t really shocking. He looked fluffy.

Aside from that, I also had a new skill, ‘Dimension Magic.’ Apparently, this was because the god wolf itself was a monster with the dimension attribute. That was why Rachel was able to use dimension magic. Master of all Trades was also helpful enough to teach me how to use it.

And I was able to understand how to use it and do it in an instant. It really was a cheat ability.

“Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since we fought together like this.”
“…Yes, you are probably right.”
“And we’ve completely changed appearances… Are you alright with that?”
“Aye, I am fine. You are you, and I am me. Nothing has changed. Besides, you look rather adorable.”
“Uh, oh…”

I was happy and a little embarrassed to hear her say that. Still, it filled me with eagerness. There was a god in front of us, but it was just an enemy. I was starting to feel that he was hardly an obstacle.

And so I took out the Schwarz Tempest and Orthros from the hollow bracelet. My muscles had become stronger since I turned into a God Wolf, and I could carry a greatsword with one hand.

“Haaa… This really is shit. Why is this happening to me…”

The bastard sighed as he muttered lazily. But I stayed on my guard as I lowered my stance and held the swords up in front of me. The Schwarz Tempest’s blade was already covered in water.
I then sent a surge of magic into Orthros, and it crackled as it transformed. Another blade appeared on the backside, turning it into a kind of great sword with a slit going down the center.
The emperor had said there was another sword, but it was more likely that the two had combined. This was the true shape of Othros, and the magic of a wolf monster had changed it.

“Shit, shit, shit-shit-shit-shit…”

The god shouted as he continued to stomp over the metal scraps that used to be the Nova. Was the hatred so strong, or…


I heard Manager’s voice coming from below me. When I looked down, I saw that half of her body was sticking out from my shadow. She was glaring at the god.

“It’s taken me a while, but I just remembered something. It was bothering me ever since you said that he was the one who stabbed you.”
“…What is it?”
“He’s a serial killer.”

I hadn’t heard the words ‘serial killer’ in a while. But it was a grievous crime in the world that I had come from.

“Don’t you remember the posters on the windows? ‘If you recognize this person…’ He was on the latest one. His name is…Haidera Keisuke.”

As soon as she said this, the sounds of metal being crushed under his feet stopped.

“So, it looks like there is someone here who knows about me…”
“I hear you were a serial killer in the world that Asagi came from.”
“Well, it will make it all the easier for us.”

Not that it was going to be difficult in the first place. He was dead the moment he tried to kill us.

The bastard…Haidera, turned around and gathered energy into his hand.

“I’ll have to kill all of you then… If the cops know I’m here, they’ll come for me…”
“What…? This is another world. There are no cops…”
“You don’t know anything!!!”

As he shouted, his power caused shockwaves that blew away everything around him. The broken Nova, Automatas and magic tools all smashed against the walls.
I thrust my sword into the ground and hid behind it. Daniela also transformed her rapier into a great sword and blocked the attack. I used Eyes of the God Wolf to check behind me, but I couldn’t see Manager or Matsumoto anywhere. She had probably taken him with her to hide in the shadows. As for the goddess, she remained in the same spot.

“Asagi, what are cops…”

Daniela asked as the shock waves continued.

“They’re like guards. And as capable as some might be, they can’t cross over into other worlds.”
“I see… Perhaps this Haidera can no longer think like a normal human.”

Of course. The very thought that the police could still be a threat to him was ridiculous. Being filled with the power of a god must have made him go mad. The instincts of the murderer and the role of the god of destruction was the only thing propelling him…

“Daniela. I’m going to charge forward when the shockwaves stop. I’ll need your support.”
“Leave it to me. You can move freely, and I will follow you.”

While we looked different, our minds, personalities and feelings were the same. I was so glad that I hadn’t become like him. That’s what I thought as I gazed at Daniela.

The shockwaves suddenly weakened and then died down.

“…Let’s go!”

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