Two Saints – 132

Worried about the little ones

Everything after that was astonishing for the people of the beast lands. The gazers lined up politely. And one by one, they were turned into magic stones. The Saintesses stood there, kind and calmly, as the opalescent glimmers fell from their foreheads.

It seemed that they were on the verge of danger, but there was no need to attack the monsters. They were just returning to their natural form now. That was all.

“Huh. So they can turn monsters into magic stones. That’s impressive.”
“So the rumors about them were true. They aren’t just cute, they can also defeat monsters.”

Said Ramo and Moa, who were watching from the sky. However, they were caught by Sauro and Saikania, and were knocked out of the air.

“What are you doing! That’s dangerous!”
“Yes! We were just watching the Saintesses purify the monsters!”
“You! You were supposed to have been punished for watching the Saintesses in the hotspring! Why are you free!”

Sauro said angrily. Ramo and Moa showed no signs of feeling guilty.

“It’s so boring. Surely it’s fine as long as we don’t get close to them.”

Sauro scowled. This wasn’t some kind of show that the Saintesses were putting on. And while Maki and Chiharu said that their bodies were fine, he wasn’t so sure.


Sauro called the chief of the hawks.


The chief with brown feathers came to them with a look of annoyance. However, his eyes narrowed when he saw Ramo and Moa.

“You two!”
“It’s as you can see. I left the punishment to you, but we agreed that they would not show themselves while the Saintesses were here.”

Sonid clicked his tongue at Sauro’s words.

“What’s the big deal, father?”
“It’s only for a short while.”

It was just as Sonid was about to remonstrate them, while also being wary of Maki and Chiharu, that Sauro suddenly noticed something. The scene below them had suddenly become very quiet.

“The monsters.”
“They stopped.”

Indeed, the gazers that had lined up in front of Maki and Chiharu had stopped as if confused.

“This is bad.”

Sauro rushed towards them. Chiharu was falling backwards right before his very eyes. Maki was shouting her name. Would he make it in time? He had to.

Sauro slid underneath Chiharu right before she hit the ground. Her light body hit him and bounced up before leaning limply onto him.


Maki held onto her.

“Her hand was hot from the beginning. I think she had a fever.”

Her voice was shaking.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. Humans get fevers all of the time.”

Maki looked up as Sauro called in a gentle voice.

“The monsters are worried. Saikania!”
“I know.”

Saikania swooped down and made a suggestion to Maki.

“You two reduced their numbers quite a bit. So we should be able to handle the rest. What do you think? If you want us to do it, we’ll take on the monsters.”

She said, and then her hand transformed into the talons of a bird.

“That’s so cool… No! Sorry. I was so surprised that I lost my calm. It’s fine.”

Indeed, there were still a lot of monsters left. But it wasn’t enough to cover the sky.

“Sauro. You take care of Chiharu.”
“Very well.”
“Saikania. I’m going to do what I can.”
“Don’t push yourself too hard.”

Maki stood up and put a hand to her chest in order to listen to the voices of the monsters. Out of the two of them, Chiharu was actually better at this. But Maki was also a Saintess. And she could hear their voices.

The small one is hot. Won’t move. Is she okay?

Surprisingly, the monsters were worried about Chiharu.

“She’s fine. This happens to humans sometimes.”

Should I suck out the heat?

“Huh? No, no. The heat is also necessary. You don’t have to do that.”

Besides, they might just end up sucking the life out of her.

“It’s just me now. But let’s do it!”

Maki stretched out both of her hands, and the monsters came forward as if they had been waiting. Even though she was alone now, the burden was the same. It would just take a little longer.

Clink. It was quite late in the evening by the time the last monster was turned into a magic stone. Phew. Maki put her arms down as those around her clapped their hands. Some were even stomping on the ground and raising their voice. Their passionate applause enveloped the grounds.

As she wiped the sweat from her forehead, Zynis and Leia approached her.

“Maki. You surprised me.”

Leia said excitedly. Next to her, Zynis watched with kind, but also worried eyes. He was about to hug Maki, but she stopped him.

“I still have more work to do. Can you wait a little longer?”
“Yes. The monsters in the dungeon.”

At those words, everyone’s eyes turned towards the dungeon’s entrance. It didn’t look like anything was coming out. When they looked back at Maki with relief, she was already talking to the monsters while still gazing at the entrance.

“They said they can wait. So can they come out…?”

Maki muttered. Leia grew tense.

“They say that they will stay away from anything warm, and won’t suck anything. So can they come out?”
“The monsters?”
“Yes. They say that there are so many of them in a tight space, and it’s suffocating.”

Leia crossed her arms and thought about it. It should be fine if they didn’t attack anyone.

“I’ll have to discuss it with the others. But can you really handle all of them?”
“Yes. The monsters want to be returned to magic stones. But they are so tired of waiting in such a crowded place. And they want to wait in an open area.”
“Will they really wait until morning?”

Maki put a hand to her chest again.

“They said that they will.”
“Alright! We’ll hold a meeting right now. You should get some rest, Maki. Sauro has already taken Chiharu to a place where she can sleep.”

Leia gave the order, and they and Zynis started to walk through the crowd.

“Now, Maki. Let’s hurry up and go to the lodging house before this mob gets you. And I’m sure you’re worried about Chiharu.”

Said Ortha.

“Yes. I think it was a fever because she was just tired, and not because of the magic stones. But I’m still worried.”

Chiharu had insisted that she would do it, and would not listen.

“This is a dungeon, after all. There aren’t any luxurious inns, but there is a small lodging house for the occasional human visitors. Ah, there it is.”

As Ortha and Maki rushed to it, one of the workers there happened to be walking towards them.

“Sauro should have brought Chiharu here.”
“Ah, Sir Sauro. I’ll take you to the terrace room on the first floor then.”
“First floor? Shouldn’t a woman be on the second floor? And besides…”
“That was the only room that a bird person could enter. Oh, but isn’t it so romantic? Love between people of different races.”

What was this worker going on about? Ortha and Maki’s mouths dropped. Then they looked at Saikania. Saikania scowled and shook her head. It was ridiculous.

“But he was holding her so tenderly as he carried her into the room.”

It was ridiculous. But perhaps it would be unwise to leave them together. And so the three rushed to the room.

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