Two Saints – 169

That Time When He Was Exactly Her Type

“Still, I felt quite impatient.”
“You mean with those two?”

A few days after they had gone to the beast lands in order to ride elephants and then returned to Midland. Maki and Kaider were enjoying themselves as they walked through the town together.

The townspeople already knew Kaider and Maki quite well.

“Ah, it’s the Saintess.”
“It’s the dwarf prince.”

They sometimes said. But they only smiled and watched the pair warmly. Hardly anyone would actually talk to or bother them in any way. In other words, Maki was able to live freely without using a disguise.

“I wanted to bring Chiharu as well, but it’s like she is surrounded by Aeris. But Chiharu doesn’t seem to mind really.”
“That damned elf is a little intimidating, isn’t he?”

Kaider spoke of Aeris with a serious expression.

“To call White Sage Aeris ‘damned elf,’ aren’t you scared?”
“Not at all. What is scary is that slow, enveloping way that he dotes on her.”
“Maybe. Chiharu does have a cowardly side, so that might be just what she needs, though.”

They talked like this as they walked. They didn’t have anything to do in particular. As Maki felt restless when staying still in the castle, she had gone out for a stroll, and ended up bumping into Kaider, who was also leaving. And so they decided to walk together.

“Hey, there are stalls over there. I sense the presence of something that you would like, Maki.”
“What presence? Still, let’s go!”

They walked quickly to what was a seafood barbecue stall. Seafood on skewers were sizzling loudly as they cooked above charcoal.

“I told you so.”

Maki was amused at how Kaider acted as if this was some kind of great achievement. Still, he was right.

“Old man! Um, please give me that red stuff and that white one.”
“I’ll have the same.”
“Aye. Shrimp and squid.”
“So it’s shrimp and squid!”

She had said it vaguely, as things weren’t always the same here as they were in Japan, but the Saintess translator was very simple.

The old man handed them some well cooked skewers, and so they took it to a nearby fountain and sat down.

“I’ll start with the shrimp.”
“It’s peeled, which makes it easier to eat.”
“Mmm. Hmm. Hmm.”

The shrimps were so big that they wouldn’t be sold on skewers in Japan. Maki took a bite from the side, and then slightly salted juicy flesh filled her mouth.

“It’s so good!”
“Wait, you’re already finished, Kaider?”
“Aye, it was just one bite, wasn’t it?”
“No way!”

Maki thought that she would savor hers if no one else would, but ended up finishing hers in no time at all.

“Oh, so it was just one bite?”
“Right? Well, maybe it’s not supposed to be, but it’s so delicious that it’s gone immediately.”
“Yes, really.”

Of course, the squid was good as well.

Maki put her hands on the rim of the fountain and gazed at the sea. While being with Chiharu was great fun, she also enjoyed being with Kaider, who she could be herself around. Maki smiled and let out a sigh.

“I’m not scary.”
“Huh, what?”

Maki was confused by what Kaider was suddenly saying, and so she looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“I won’t do anything in a roundabout way, like Aeris.”
“That’s true.”

And she meant it. That was what she thought. If Chiharu was here…

‘Maki-chan. You’re so dense.’

She would say angrily.

“In other words, I like you Maki.”
“Yes. What?”

Maki thought about it. Why had the conversation gone in this direction? It was because of the shrimp and squid. No, that’s not it. They had been talking about Aeris.

Aeris was scary. Because he slowly enveloped and doted on you. But Kaider was different. But what did that mean?

“It means that I won’t say it in a roundabout way. I like you, Maki.”
“What! What!!”

Maki could not be blamed for rising to her feet without thinking.

“I like how you run to a food stall and order what you want without hesitation.”
“That’s what you like?”
“I like how you always stand against the wind and advance by your own free will.”
“That’s completely different from the comment about the stall…”

Maki sat back down, this time a little less closely to Kaider. Her heart was beating a little faster now.

“I feel impatient too. I realized that just sort of being sweet was not going to be enough, and you may never notice my feelings for you.”
“Ah… Yes. That’s true.”

Maki could only smile wryly.

“I never really saw you or the others in that way…”
“I know. But I would be happy if you will eventually.”

Indeed, it wasn’t roundabout, but very direct. Maki glanced over to Kaider. She had thought that he would be looking straight ahead, but he was looking at her.

His green eyes were slanted upward a little, and he had the roughness of a true soldier. This face was framed by fiery red hair. If she was being blunt, he had the kind of face that she was attracted to.

And so this face that she liked was looking straight at her as if to say that she was special. And then he smiled.

“No, damn it.”
“I see.”
“Sorry. It’s just that when I looked closely, you were completely my type.”
“Does that mean that I am allowed to have hope?”

Maki looked away again, held her slightly reddened cheeks, and hesitated just for a moment. And then she immediately stood up and offered her right hand to Kaider.

“What is this?”

Kaider looked confused as he looked at Maki and then her right hand.

“Let’s start as friends!”
“I thought we were already friends…”
“Let’s be friends who are likely to become lovers eventually!”
“Maki, you… You really are dashing.”

Kaider stood up and squeezed Maki’s right hand and then pulled it close.


And just like that, Maki lost her balance and fell into Kaider’s chest. And then his hand went around to her back.

“Wh-what is this?”
“Just a little practice for when we eventually become lovers.”
“Isn’t it a little too soon?”

However, they were quickly jeered and whistled at by those around them, and so the two moved away and sat back down on the rim of the fountain and turned their heads in the opposite direction. It could not be helped, as they were both blushing.

“W-we better head back then.”

Edwy watched them walk awkwardly back to the castle, and then he shrugged with exasperation.

“I guess it’s just us who will remain the same now, Nyran.”
“There is nothing wrong with that. It’s more relaxing.”
“Yes, you may be right.”

Perhaps she had been like an older sister that you worried about a lot to Edwy. While he did feel a slight pang, he was glad as long as the two were happy.

“I didn’t mean that at all. In fact, since we’re the younger brothers now, we can use that right to pester them.”

Edwy said with a mischievous grin.

“In any case, if something does happen, it won’t be for a long time. Right now, we should just enjoy our time together as friends.”
“Maki! Call Chiharu so that we can have tea together!”

The lives of the two Saintesses would continue for quite some time.

This is the final chapter! Thank you for reading.

Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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