Strange Dragon – 44

Chapter 44 – Making A Toilet

Perhaps due to the fever, Victor was sweating profusely and seemed to be in pain.

“Are you alright?”

Fio, Shiro, and Hippolius looked worried as well.

“I’m sorry that you have to see me like this…”
“It was food poisoning, and cannot be helped. Apparently, this new continent…”

There were things on this new continent that looked familiar to us on the outside, but were completely different.
All the knowledge we had built up until now was no longer of use. And so things like this were bound to happen.
We would really have to be careful. It was a terribly frightening thing.

I tried to explain this to Victor, but he said,
“I’m sorry. Please wait a moment….” and then ran a short distance away from the base.

“Nature calls…”
“Indeed. It must be hard. Especially since we do not have a proper toilet yet.”
Kelly said as she watched Victor leave.


Fio looked puzzled.
Yes, we had not made a toilet yet. And so Fio did not even know what a toilet was.
All of us, including Fio, just dug holes a short distance away.

“All right, I’ll make a toilet at once.”

And so I would immediately start to construct a toilet.

“Fio, a toilet is…”

Kelly then explained to her what a toilet is.
Shiro and Hippolius also listened with serious expressions.

And so I left such explanations to Kelly, and started to carry the materials.

“Even without a food poisoning incident, it is something that we have to make soon.”

Because of food poisoning the number of times people would need to use a toilet will increase.
They would have to go multiple times in one day.
And each time, they had to run out of their house and go away from the base to dig a hole…
That was not very tolerable.
It would deplete their energy, and make recovery much slower.

Besides, we needed to make a toilet anyway.

“Fio, Shiro, Hippolius. You can eat this meat.”

I took out some breakfast meat from my magic bag and handed it to them.
However, they would not eat first, and so I took out some for myself and ate it hurriedly.

“I have something that I need to do, and so I ate in a rush. But you can all eat slowly.”

And then I thought of what would be a good place to build the toilet.
I suppose I would start with the houses that had sick people, and build the toilets as attachments.

They would stick out in the shared space area of the house.
And then I will make it so that it could be flushed with water, while the waste material would go to a tank.

I would have to use a lot of metal to make the pipes, but it could not be helped.
And so I prepared the stored metal with the intention of using all of it.

As I thought this and created the blueprint in my head, I hit my first problem.
It would require even more metal than I had initially thought.
In order to prevent them from leaking, the pipes leading to the tank could not be made too thinly.
On top of that, pipes for the water couldn’t be thin either.
I also didn’t want the waste tank to be close to the base, or it could be the cause of spreading disease.

In that case…
“No matter how I calculate it, there will not be enough metal…”

And so I had no choice but to change the location.
I decided to have the toilets in the center of the base.
As for the pipes leading to the waste tank, I could have the pipes from each toilet connected as a way of saving metal.

Currently, the houses were built as if to surround the center of the base.
But as the well and ovens were in the center, I would have to build the toilet at a distance from them.

Since the ovens were towards the north of the center, the toilets could be to the south.

“I have to be very careful so there are no leaks from the tank or pipes.”

If the precision of my crafting skill is lowered, then of course, there will be leaks.
If that happened, the well water would become contaminated, which would result in a tragic accident.
And so my responsibility was enormous.

I laid out the stone and wood materials, as well as the metal from my magic bag.
And in my head, I put together the structure I was going to make.

The toilet and the building to cover it. There would also need to be a water flushing system.
Also, I needed to make pipes connecting the well to the toilet, and the toilet to the waste tank.

Once the image was solidified in my head, I activated the crafting skill.
Tank, toilet, and pipe system. Once that was finished, I built the building around it, and I was done.

“I think that it turned out rather well… But now we are out of metal.”

Acquiring more metal materials was now a major priority.

And so without resting, I decided to build a new house.
Currently, the patients were all living separately in different houses.
The only two who shared a house were Victor and the geologist.

And if they were all separated, it would be hard to have to walk all of the way to the toilet.
They would have to make the round trip multiple times in one day.

Besides, it would also be easier for the people who took care of them.

“That’s right, this is a toilet.”

Kelly explained the toilet to Fio, Shiro, and Hippolius.

“But you can’t use it, Hippolius, as you are too big…”
“Don’t look so disappointed. Fio, you sit here on this seat when using it.”
“You want to use it too, Shiro?”

They talked like this as she taught Fio and Shiro how to use the toilet.
I would have to thank her later.

On the other hand, I continued to work on the new house for the sick.
It would be built right next to the toilet.
The structure should be kept simple. I wanted to save on time and materials.
And so, I made it so that it was just one large room, just like Hippolius’s house.
However, it did not need to be that big.

I activated the crafting skill, created the image in my head, and then constructed it all at once.

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