My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 487

I was given permission to use the katana

“Mr. Takumi. I heard that during your first real fight, you faced numerous orcs, while buying time and saving the villagers. That is more than even a rookie soldier could do.”
“Indeed? I was quite desperate back then… I just didn’t want the orcs to reach the others…”
“Thinking that was one thing, but being able to actually do it is difficult.”
“Well, Leo did help me in the end.”
“But without your effort, the village might have been overrun before Leo arrived. At the very least, people would have died. So it is impressive that you were able to buy so much time.”
“Well, there were some who were wounded… But even I felt that I did good, since no one died.”
“Mmm. You should be proud of yourself.”

I had not known that Leo would come, and so I was only focused on the orcs.
At first, I only meant to buy time so that the villager could escape. But then Mr. Hannes and the others tried to fight as well.
Because of that, we were able to fight without anyone dying…though some were injured.

And there were some surprises, like when I activated Weed Cultivation on the orcs. But it all ended well.
…I was proud of myself, and grateful towards Leo.

“Ah, that’s right, Mr. Takumi. You may not use herbs this time, understand?”
“Yes, I know. This is to test my ability, so I wouldn’t do such a thing.”
“Good. Of course, it is a different matter if you get injured.”

It would be like doping, and was forbidden.

“Ah, that is right. You can use the katana.”
“Really? But would that be a good example for Tilura?”
“I don’t mind. As for Tilura, she is just watching you fight orcs. It doesn’t matter what kind of weapon you will be using.”
“I see…”

When I looked towards Tilura, I saw that she was incredibly nervous.
Indeed, I doubted she would be able to pay attention to what weapon I was using, or any other small details….

“Wuff. Wuff-wuff.”
“Got it.”
“So they came…”

After about twenty minutes since Phillip went into the forest, Leo started to bark.
According to her, they were returning with some orcs.
When I listened carefully, I could hear Phillip and the other guard shaking the trees.
I petted Leo in order to thank her, and then I nodded to Mr. Ekenhart and took a few steps forward.

Within a few minutes, I heard the rustling of leaves, and Phillip and the guard stepped out of the forest.
And then behind them, was a bipedal pig… The orc came running.
While luring it here had been the plan, it was red with rage as well.
How had it been provoked?

“Mr. Takumi. There were two orcs, but we killed one of them. You can handle this one. We threw some stones at it, and so it is very angry. But it should be no trouble for you!”
“I’m sorry. Phillip said it would be better this way and would not listen…”
“Good luck!”
“I don’t know if I like it… But, very well then!”

I looked at the orc that was running towards us.

“First of all, I have to stop its charge… I cannot block it with the katana… I know.”
“Gyuo!! Gyuo!! Gyuoooooo!!”
“…Why is it so excited?”

The orc was as red as an apple, and was ignoring me and running in a straight line towards Phillip.
I had to stop it, as it might charge towards Ms. Claire and the others.
The first thing to do was to stop its movement. And so I moved my hand towards the overexcited orc.

…I didn’t know if it would be enough to stop it, but I had used this to buy time in Range village, and so it should at least be enough to slow it down.
Orcs were not that fast, unless they were charging… And so it would be reckless to intercept it with a katana… It would probably break.
In any case, in order to stop its momentum as much as possible, I gathered magic energy in my hand…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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