Two Saints – 98

Rescue Practice


Norfe would have liked to have asked Chouze why the orange girl had been in the room, but he decided to greet the merman first. After all, the merman on the sofa looked familiar to him.

Chouze was too young to remember it. However, the royals of every country must meet the merfolk chief when they are young. That’s why Edwy remembered Amia as well.

“Merfolk chief.”

“So, you remember me, human child.”

“I remember meeting you when I was very young. What brought you to a place like this?”

Norfe couldn’t help but ask the question.

“I merely answered the request of the child.”

Amia said as he looked at Chouze. She was smiling happily at him.

“No, that’s not what I meant. Why are you even in Highland in the first place?”

“I was in the lakes of the dwarf lands last month.”

Amia said. It was as if going from lake to lake was the most natural thing for him.

“Well…that is… But merfolk are almost never seen in these parts.”

Surprisingly, Norfe seemed to realize that something was going on. Amia leaned on his elbow and shrugged carelessly.

“I could ask you the same question. Why are you here, when it’s not even the hottest season?”

It’s odder that you are here. Norfe was at a loss for words, however, this was the reason.

“I didn’t think that it was you, but I heard the news that a merman was taken by the mirror lake. And I was ordered to bring this merman to the royal capital.”

Amia raised an eyebrow.

“The royal capital? Of Highland? But there are no waterways that connect to that city. It’s impossible.”

“Yes. And so a large lake will be prepared. You can stay there…”

Norfe was sweating as he said this. In fact…

“I want to see the captured merman. So bring him to me. There is a large lake near the palace if it needs water.”

That was the actual order. He hadn’t really thought much of it at first. But now that he was facing Amia, the whole thing looked incredibly insolent and rude.

“Water that does not move? It will not do.”

“Then we shall prepare clean water that flows. Will you come then?”

Norfe was persistent. Unlike the other royals who were merely curious, Norfe had always wanted to invite the other races to Highland. Even if it was not possible now, they could draw water from the mountains in a few years’ time.

“I discussed this with that child already. If you want to meet us, you should come to the merfolk island. There are always many of us waiting there. They especially enjoy meeting children.”

“However, we would have to pass through Midland in order to reach it.”

Norfe wanted to tell him that it was no easy thing to do.

“Borders may as well not exist. Besides, you are all humans.”

“Maybe that was so in the past. But royals cannot just pass through Midland. There is no way to avoid traveling through Midland or Lowland in order to visit the other territories.”

“And you do not want to do that?”

Norfe nodded.

“Still, the Highland capital is not so enticing that I would go against my instincts in order to visit.”

“If not you chief, perhaps some other merfolk can?”

“I doubt anyone would want to visit.”

Norfe was troubled. An order was an order. Failing was not an option. Chouze watched them both with a worried expression.

“Will you not consider it? Think about it for one day.”


The chief would not budge. Norfe bit his lip. But…

“I will visit you again tomorrow.”

He said as he tried to leave the room.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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