Cave King – 145

Chapter 145 – Proof of Power!


The giant, green-skinned Mappa continued to emit this sound from his mouth.

Roydon…no, everyone on the island, including me, were looking up at Mappa, mouth agape.

“Thi-this is bad…Heal! He’s the real Demon King of Hellfire, isn’t he!?”
“You bloody fool! I am the Demon King of Hellfire! How dare you suggest it’s that idiot!”

Elto was quick to reply to Roydon.


Even now, Mappa didn’t really talk… Huh?

I realized that there was a disturbance in a part of the sea.

And after a moment, a big squid came shooting out.
No, ‘big’ didn’t quite describe it. This octopus or squid-like creature was half as long as the World Tree.

“That’s a…Giant Octopus!?”

The words spilled from my mouth.

Giant Octopuses were almost as famous as Krakens, and were considered to be one of the most dangerous sea monsters.

In terms of size and strength, the Giant Octopus was a little inferior to a Kraken.
However, there were more of them, and so the damage they inflicted on royal ships was often worse. Besides, even if there was only one of them, humans could not beat them on the sea.

“Di-did it appear because that old man turned into a dragon?”

Roydon asked. But I thought it was a coincidence.
After all, Sheorl had attracted many monsters and creatures up until now.

Regardless, the Giant Octopus was moving towards us now. We had to stop it from reaching land.

However, the Mappa Dragon let out another deafening roar, and then beat his wings until he was carried up into the sky.

And without a second’s delay, he flew towards the Giant Octopus.

“Mappa, it’s too dangerous!”

I quickly cast Shield around Mappa.

That being said, he had likely charged ahead because he was confident. His magic energy was enormous now, and perhaps he really wanted to test it.

But you never knew what might happen. What if he was dragged down into the sea? I had to support him.

As we watched, Mappa closed in on the Giant Octopus and raised his fist before slamming it down… However, the Giant Octopus swung its tentacles, sending Mappa flying into the air.

Mappa was unable to catch himself, and he fell hard onto the surface of the water.

Hmm…maybe it was no use.

“Uh… He went out so confidently. And now he’s going to lose?”

Roydon watched with exasperation.

By now the other Earth Dragons had arrived, and they were watching the scene from the entrance of the cave.
I wasn’t sure what they were more surprised by, the Giant Octopus or Mappa. But they were clearly stunned.

However, Rienna then raised her voice with a worried expression.

“Lord Heal! I think Mister Mappa is in danger!”

The Giant Octopus was now swimming towards Mappa.

If this continued, it would probably use its tentacles to drag Mappa into the water.

The Mappa Golem seemed to realize that he was no match for this foe either, and it was attacking the Giant Octopus from afar by breathing fire.
However, the Giant Octopus’s skin was enveloped in a membrane that protected it. And so it did not burn.

Baris was able to fly. Unfortunately, he was currently below ground.
Perhaps I could ride Fal or Heath and…

It was just as I was thinking this. Elto suddenly shot out into the sky.

“Hahh! Leave it to me!”

She flew straight towards the sea and arrived in front of the Giant Octopus.

“You wrecker of the sea! I am your opponent now!”

Upon hearing her voice, the Giant Octopus unleashed a chain of black liquid towards her.
And before the barrage ended, countless tentacles attacked Elto.

I quickly cast Shield around her.

But it was unnecessary.
Because Elto was dodging all of the Giant Octopus’s attacks as if it was nothing.


Elto chanted, and a great flame was unleashed from her hand.

She had taught us to use Hell Explosion before, but she clearly felt that it was too powerful to use here.

Black flames assaulted the Giant Octopus.

There was a loud boom, and smoke rose into the air.

When the smoke faded, we could all see the Giant Octopus, burnt to a black crisp, slowly sinking into the sea.

Elto returned calmly.

“Did you see that? That is my power. Pretty useful, eh?”

Roydon nodded at her.

“Uh…ah…yes. And the other Earth Dragons witnessed it as well. I think that they will all listen to what you have to say now, young lady.”
“Good! We’ll do just that while dining on this roasted Giant Octopus!”

After that, the Mappa Golem pulled the Giant Octopus out of the water, and we decided to eat it with everyone.

As for the Mappa Dragon… Mappa returned to his normal form and came back to the Island as if nothing had happened. But he must have been embarrassed, as he quickly ran back to his smithy.

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  1. Oh lolz, this Mappa, he got some cheat extra power and thought that he could beat that sea monster, but got owned so easily. A funny moment from the old looking actually young (almost) naked dwarf.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

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