Two Saints – 138

Overly High Adaptability

“Nevermind suction power.”
“Nevermind? I think it’s very important.”

Chiharu reacted to Maki’s words, but Maki had already moved on as she quickly looked to the right and the left.

“Did anyone else see that?”
“If you mean the gazers disappearing, then I saw it.”
“Ah! Zynis…”

The enemy wasn’t to the right or left, but behind them. Well, except that Zynis wasn’t an enemy.

“I like you two, and so I was watching with great amusement. However, no one actually sees the movement of miasma. And so I don’t think anyone knows what it is that you two did.”

Zynis said quietly. Maki sometimes wondered. Zynis was like the ultimate witness. He saw everything, but tended to find it amusing. She wasn’t sure how to feel about that. He clearly enjoys watching us. Well, I guess it’s fine, since he also treats us so well.

“I’m relieved that no one saw it. It’s not like we’ve ever been used for anything evil before, but if I’m honest, it would be difficult to keep up if people started asking us to do even more work.”
“Hmm. Yes, you’ve worked very hard since your arrival. And yet I would not be surprised if they’ve already forgotten that Chiharu had a fever.”

Zynis muttered as if reminding himself. Maki suddenly remembered as well.

“That’s right. Chiharu. How do you feel now?”
“You forgot all about it too, didn’t you, Maki-chan?”

She had been thinking about it up until a short while ago.

“Well, that’s still better than those people who kept insisting they wanted to fight the gazers, only to get beaten and affected by them, and end up having to be rescued.”
“Chiharu, they can hear you.”
“Oh, sorry.”

Chiharu chuckled at Maki’s frantic voice. Clearly she had said this knowing full well that the catfolk were walking towards them. Maki felt a chill as she realized that Chiharu was still angry. One of the catfolk stepped forward as a representative, and apologized awkwardly.

“Saintesses. We are…uh, sorry…”
“We met a lot of people in the cat village, like granny and Alyssa. And none of them were the types to threaten a woman like that.”

Chiharu said with annoyance. It was all a bit of a blur, but that had happened. It had been scary being followed and grabbed like that. And so Maki couldn’t blame Chiharu for being upset. Of course, she also didn’t want to say anything and have Chiharu’s anger directed her way instead.

“While these are unusual circumstances, we can’t allow the Saintesses to be overworked. Thankfully, the monsters are calm now. They will not attack as long as you do not attack them. So why don’t you all calm down?”
“You are right, Zynis. We got over excited as this was something so different. So, you two visited the cat village? Thank you.”

Well, there was nothing she could say to that. And so Chiharu calmed down as well.

“Now that things have been settled, we’ll be holding a feast. I hope you two will join us?”
“Of course!”

Did she sound a little too hungry? Well, Chiharu had been fuming a moment ago and was unlikely to change that quickly, so Maki had no choice but to answer like that for them. It wasn’t that she was that excited for a feast.
Maki told herself this.

It was the day that Chiharu’s fever withdrew, and only the second day since they arrived at the dungeon.

“Wasn’t it an emergency request because the dungeon was overflowing?”
“It’s already finished? Hey, do you think it’s already finished?”

They had to ask this question, as the scene before them was so lacking in any kind of tension. Several fires had been set up, and each one had a slab of meat being roasted over it. One had numerous skewers of chicken stabbed around it, while another had some meat they didn’t recognize being spit roasted over it. The fires were set up like a barbecue, so that the juices of the meat went into a tray and would not be wasted.

Of course, vegetables were also being grilled as well. Not only that, but since they were the Saintesses, they were served first. And like that, Maki and Chiharu had more food than they could eat sitting right in front of them.

While only the human Adventurers were drinking alcohol, several of the beastkin had already started to get into fights, just like they had in the cat village. Others watched and cheered, and there was a lively atmosphere.

“Why do you look so unsatisfied? It’s because of you two that this tense situation has been resolved. You should enjoy it with everyone else.”

Leia was carrying a small barrel of ale as she sat down heavily in front of them. Zynis was smiling broadly as he enjoyed some meat close by.

“It’s because you haven’t had enough to drink, yes? Look, I brought some ale.”

She said as she poured it into wooden cups. Of course, they accepted it gladly. Oh, hadn’t Chiharu only just recovered from her fever? But Maki kept her mouth shut as Chiharu had glared at her.

“Ahhh! Drinking after a hard day’s work. No, but really. How do you all adapt so quickly?”
“Adapt? What do you mean?”

Leia looked at Maki quizzically. Leia’s fur was golden, and looked exactly like Rasche.

“You’re very cute, Leia.”
“Hahaha. Maki, are you already drunk?”

Leia replied gently as Maki hugged her. She wasn’t drunk, but she had suddenly started to miss Rasche.

“No, no. That’s not it.”

Maki said as she returned to herself and moved away.

“Aren’t you all worried about the monsters?”
“Monsters? Ah, but didn’t you say they wouldn’t do anything as long as we left them alone?”
“That’s true, but… No, but… They were all fighting just a moment ago.”

Maki was wondering about the monsters. The four-legged monsters that had been resting by the forest were now looking at them curiously and moving closer. And the gazers were flying like shadows above the fires.

Apparently, these gazers had never seen fire like this before. And she could tell that they found it terribly interesting.

“It’s not just the beastkin. Even the human Adventures seem so used to this situation.”

It was as if the gazers were now part of the scenery.

“And that is also because of you two. Thank you.”

Well, there was nothing more to say about that now.

“Hey, you!”
“Huh? Me?”

Just as Maki had decided to stop caring and enjoy her drink, someone called out to her.

“That punch you threw earlier. Show us more of that.”
“The karate? I remember the moves, but I can’t actually fight anyone, alright?”
“Moves? That’s fine. Just come over here.”

Maki looked towards Chiharu.

“After what happened yesterday, I think I’ll go to sleep early today. But you can stay here, Maki.”
“I’ll take you.”
“It’s okay, Zynis. It’s just over there.”

Chiharu laughed at how over-protective they were.

“Really, I would actually like to watch your karate, Maki-chan. But I’ll have to endure not seeing it. So you go and have fun.”
“It does seem quite fun. Alright, I’ll go!”
“Then I’ll watch you.”

They said as they waved. However, Maki and Zynis would later regret sending Chiharu to return by herself.

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