Royal Magician – 67

Chapter 67 – Friend

Before the show started, Luke and I walked around the opera house and ate at the various stores.

The fried chicken, potatoes and grilled squid really were delicious.
I felt incredibly happy as we walked down the streets.

“What about that place? Do you want to look inside?”

Luke said, pointing to a clothing store that was currently very popular.
I was interested to see what it was like as well, however, there was a different, small store at the back of the street that was pulling me towards it.

“I want to see that one. I am going to see it.”

The small store could be found after turning into an alley, away from the fancy main street. It was a store that sold old books.
I couldn’t help but smile as the smell of old paper filled my nostrils.
I wished that I could take my time and browse, but we did not have that much time before the show started.

And so I quickly went around and scanned the shelves.

Ohh! This one looks fascinating!
This magician was not very well regarded, and the price of their books were sold for so little that they might as well have been free. But I always thought that their research was incredibly appealing.
I have to buy this!

Also, that book over there…

As I stretched out my hand to reach for it, beautiful, narrow fingers plucked the book out from the shelf.

“Is this the one you wanted?”
“Oh, correct. I’m happy to have a friend who is so perceptive.”

I accepted the book that Luke had grabbed for me.
I then paid the old store keeper for the books.
Three in all. They were a little more expensive than I was expecting, but I decided to consider them a reward to myself for all of my hard work.

With the paper bag in my arms, I stepped out of the store with a grin on my face.
Luke had been approached by a girl in front of the store.

“Um, would you like to have tea with me?”

She was very pretty.
A beautiful and fashionable girl of the same age.

“I’m sorry, but I have some important business.”

Luke said flatly.

“Let’s go.”

He said, as he came to stand next to me.

I was reminded of how nice he could be.
He would always prioritize me as his friend.

I doubted he had any interest in old books, but still followed me here.

And during the incident with the dragon, he had rushed to my side before anyone else.

But more than anything, he had found me after I had been fired from the magic artificer guild in the countryside and had nowhere to go. And he had helped me back to my feet.

I was just a friend to him, and yet he made me feel special.
I could not help that he was a much better and mature person than me.

Really, I received so many different things from Luke.

And so I would think…
That I too want to be able to help him.

‘Ms. Noelle. Though you may already know, the illegal trade of magic books is going to occur in the opera house and…’

In order to get closer to Luke’s dream of becoming a Magus-rank magician.

As a friend and rival.
I wanted to be able to proudly tell him that he could rely on me.

Besides, the idea of putting a stop to some shadow deal sounded like something from an adventure novel. It was very exciting!

Yes, I would impress everyone and solve this case.

And so next to Luke, I headed to the opera house.
With this secret resolve in my heart.

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  1. The contrast that this chapter makes when compared to last chapter…
    I have a strange expression on my face right now. It is half “wince” and half “delighted laugh”.

    Thanks for the chapters. (and now on to read the next one)

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