Strange Dragon – 23

Chapter 23 – Breakfast and Joining the Team

After seeing that Fio, Shiro and Hippolius had finished greeting each other, I called out to them.

“Now, now. Let’s go and greet the others as we eat breakfast.”

Shiro’s tail stood up excitedly, and to the side stood Hippolius, whose tail was also standing up.
Hippilius must be excited as well.
But Hippolius already knew everyone, so there was no point in being excited.

“We’re all friends. So you don’t need to be on your guard. Got it, Fio?”

Fio nodded with a serious expression.

And so I took Hippolius, Fio, and Shiro out of the house.

Immediately after, one of the Adventurers called out to us.

“Oh, Mister Theo. Good morning! Is that the kid from last night?”
“Aye. Thanks for watching over us.”
“No, I was just sleeping. Because I drank too much! Gahahah!”
“Is that right…”
“I only know because everyone was talking about it.”

Apparently, there were some Adventurers who hadn’t noticed.
Alcohol was a scary thing.

As I thought of such things, Victor arrived.

“Mister Theo. Breakfast is ready. So we can eat while you introduce our new friends.”
“Very well. Fio, Shiro. There’s food.”

We walked to the center of the base and saw that everyone was present.
They had used the oven to heat up the leftovers from last night.
I accepted our breakfast and put it down in front of Fio and Shiro.

They cried once, and then stared at the food.

“And here is yours, Hippolius.”

Hippolius had a special menu.
After all, Hippolius had hunted the boar and had not only contributed the most food, but was also the largest of us.
And so I took out the cooked organs that I had kept in the magic bag, and put it in front of Hippolius.


Hippolius started to eat it happily.
However, Fio and Shiro would not eat. They just stared at me.

“What’s wrong? Fio and Shiro. Aren’t you going to eat?”

I asked and I started to eat myself.
And then Fio and Shiro started to eat as well.

They were eating with such speed.
And Fio was on all fours and eating just like Shiro.
I would have to teach her the proper posture to eat as a human later on.

“Slow down you two.”

I decided to explain things to the others while Fio and Shiro were eating.
The Adventurers were eating while looking in our direction with deep interest.

“Listen to me. You all know that there was an incident before dawn, don’t you?”

While there were some who had slept through it until morning without realizing anything, I would not bring that up now.

“This child is Fio, and this wolf is Shiro. I took them in yesterday. I want them to join us as friends.”

Obviously, if I wanted to do that, I would need everyone to agree on it.
I looked around at the Adventurers and Scholars.
While none of them seemed to object, I would still have to explain the whole situation to them.

And so I told them about how I had noticed the two, negotiated, and brought them home.

“So, Fio over here really is a human?”
Asked Victor.

On both our continent and the demon continent, there were no people with beast ears and tails.
And so it was no wonder that he found this strange.

“While she certainly barks a lot, she can also speak human words. Right, Fio?”
“Is it good?”
“Are you full?”
“Not full.”
“I see. Then eat this too.”
“Tank you.”

I added some more meat, and Fio thanked me before she started to eat noisily again.
As I talked with Fio, the Adventurers watched us with serious expressions.

“Also, Fio is a tamer. She even made Shiro her familiar.”
“What! Is that true? But she looks so young…”

Demon Wolves were among the more powerful and high-ranking when it came to monsters.
They were not something that some child could tame.

“Indeed. And…”

I told them about just how Fio was able to tame Shiro.
The Adventurers were even more surprised.

Normally, it would be impossible to tame a Demon Wolf without being conscious of it, or even chanting.

“Yes, I was just as surprised as all of you. I’ve never met such a gifted tamer in my life.”
“If that’s what you say, Mister Theo, then it must be true.”

By the time I was finished explaining everything, Fio and Shiro had also finished eating.
And so I asked everyone again.

“Can Fio and Shiro join us?”
“I approve.”
“It will be good to have a tamer.”
“I’d feel safer to have a Demon Wolf with us.”

Everyone agreed.

“Thank you.”
“Tank you.”

And then we went around so I could introduce Fio and Shiro to each of their new friends.
At the very end of the line, was the Monsterologist, Kelly.

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