Tensei Kenja – 8


“First, we’ll do magic. Face that boulder over there. I want you to hit it with your favorite attack magic. We’ll start…from the left.”


Instructor Regin said as he pointed to a large boulder up ahead.

There were lots of marks on it, as if it had been burned by magic.


As I was on the right side, I would be hitting it the last.

And so I thought I would decide what to use as I waited.


…If I just wanted to do a lot of damage, I could use ‘Hellfire of Death,’ but there was no way I was going to use it.

It would make the rest of the test very difficult if I used up all my MP here…


And so it was probably a good idea to use ‘Fireball,’ which I had experience with.

‘Fireball’ was quite weak though, and there was a part of me that wanted to use something stronger. But it would take a bit of courage to use a spell for the first time during a test.


“Yuji, it’s your turn now. Are you sure you can do it without a staff? If you really can use magic, you might as well get a staff and come back for the next test…”


My turn had arrived while I was considering it.

Instructor Regin was still suggesting I use a staff…but I didn’t think that I needed one.


“I’m fine. I can use magic without it.”


I said, then turned towards the boulder…and used Fireball.

And then, as usual, the ball of fire shot towards the boulder and caused a small explosion.


Hmm. It really wasn’t much.

Barely enough to defeat weak monsters.


That was what I was thinking as I turned to look at Instructor Regin–but for some reason, he was looking at me with his mouth wide open.

Had I done something wrong?

I wondered as I waited for him to say something.


After a while, he said,


“Uh, Yuji…”




“Let’s ignore the lack of a staff for a moment. We’ll even overlook the strange degree of firepower…but did you even chant?”





Now that I think of it, I did say the name of the spell when I first came here…

But was it always necessary?

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